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    Black People : Will Black Afrikans Ever Become Serious About Black Afrikans Again???

    I do wish you would stop using the term'Black Afrikans'! What other color is there?!!!
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    Oppression, Bro, oppression drives our people to self medicate! According to a recent report three states have experienced a 40 % increase in marijuana related accidents!!! California, Colorado, and Washington. All three have legalized recreational use of marijuana!!!
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    I am more concerned about law abiding folks getting killed by psychos, under the influence of alcohol and drugs while driving!
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    Black People Politics : Byron Allen

    Rizza Islam misses the point entirely like most pseudo intellectuals! His rationalizations Are BS!!! I don't care what the rest of the world's people think about Afrikan people. I only care about what Afrikan people think of each other. Invoking the name of Elijah Muhammad doesn't give credence...
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    Band recreational marijuana!!!
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    Black People : Censorship By Facebook

    In light of Face Book's censorship policy, should we boycott or quit Face Book altogether?
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    Black People Politics : Byron Allen

    Because people who talk black and sleep white don't have a clue, about our struggle to overthrow white domination!
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    Black People Politics : Byron Allen

    Is he really married to a white woman?!
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    Black People Politics : Do Y'all Really Believe Hillary Would Have Been Better for Black America than Trump...

    45 is not just racist but fascist as well! That psycho nominated 87 federal court judges! 85 were white, one was black and one was Hispanic! Connect the dots.
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    South Africa : Five dead as mobs burn down shops in 'anti-foreigner' riots in Johannesburg

    How are foreigners being defined? Afrikans from outside of South Afrika?
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    African American History Culture : Could Reparations Help Close the American Racial Divide?

    Man please, reparations will not be paid to any individuals! It will be paid to the separatist government we will establish in this country by any means necessary!!! Said government will use the money and land to build for the people! I know you probably think this will never happen, but happen...