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  • Sekhemu,
    Below please find words of my post to this thread: Interreligious Dialogue in Black Africa Among Christianity Islam and ATRs Part 2

    In my view, this dissertation you have posted passes the grade and magnifies an excellent point concerning synergy between otherwise rival cultural beliefs. In fact, this concept which is penned so uniquely is tantamount to latter rain teaching, and lays a foundation upon which so-called appreciable differences, central to ATR’s, Christianity and Islam, may some day be removed. Where is part 1? I would like to read it!

    Brother, this interests me and I very much would like to read Part 1,

    Brother Sekhemu,

    Thanks for accepting my friendship, and I am really enjoying both of your threads. This last one is really interesting in tying points of common interests within our diversed African Community. When I reduce my plate some, I will dive into this last thread I've talked about....Peace In Sekhemu,


    Brother, its good reading you again, and glad to see you back, so, I may as well try and catch up on friendship, here goes my request...

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
    hetep bro. I just saw your message in here. i've been so busy building my new site and working that i haven't been on destees much. i'n not sure i can be here much longer but i will be in touch.

    Hetep !!!
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