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  • Question Shekem. I am dealing with, as posted on the board, dark deceased spirits, and I'm going to be trained soon in depth on how to further transition MY ancestors over. However, I have people on my job, as we most do, that have some very negative energies. I can't control the people on my job because they have their own issues, but I need something that I can place around my desk to block their negative energies from affecting "my person". I've only been trained on rituals to perform at home to keep them from out of my home and off of "my person", but of course I can't bring incense, candles, and my spiritual supplies in here. I do have a bottle of Florida water in my desk, sage, basil, cascarillia that I place in the four corners of my desk, but I need something stronger before I choke these "caucuses" (my own word) and uncle tom's up in here LOL. I'm serious though
    Irunmole. Yoruba Primordials

    Was this your composition or a paste up, I ask because I would be interested in purchasing this,
    on a living room plaque on wood or metal, to give as gifts and for my own home.
    Let me know what's up!
    Peace Bro. Sekhemu-

    Just to let you know so that you aren't surprised, I went through and added Prefixes to a couple of your threads. Just wanted to let you know that.

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