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    Black Poetry : Mi Poesía es mi Rezó

    Mi Poesía es mi Rezó My poetry is prayer that’s why I script with a vengeance, & perform with conviction. I spit rhymes for the blind & sign for the deaf, Either way with my dying breath, the message that was sent will be felt to the depths, From my lips to God’s ears, the people of...
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    Black Poetry : I'M THE ONE...collab by Keita & Queentswana

    from the title alone I knew this would be a scorcher, by opening this I steamed up my comp screen flow on Bro and sis :wine::em4300:
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    Black Poetry : Poetic Passion (we became love) A Twision & BlueWater Collab

    the passionof this collab was felt through the comp screen. each complemented the other :wave:
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    Black Poetry : How to Love you......

    info, great flow I always feel your drops captured me from the opening lines to the end flow on bro.
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    Black Poetry : First smell of Honeysuckle this year...

    I like this a lot poet flow on
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    Black Poetry : Its hard but sometimes you just got to let go....

    that was enlightening and uplifting preach sista preach
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    Black Poetry : 2and Best

    thx for the read poets, as always i appreciate the love it was a topic that needed to be talked about happens to way to many gifted kids.
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    Black Poetry : 2and Best

    2and Best When I look in the mirror, All I see is you, Papa, The one who spoke values as truths, You’d brag to your boys “see that beautiful baby God blessed me with that’s mi hija” 5 years old on daddy’s shoulders, Bag of puffy cheetoes in hand, Being paraded throughout the streets...
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    Black Poetry : u L I F E

    I felt this, it was nuthin but cold hard truth, message for our lost kids, Flow on
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    Black Poetry : Constellations

    I appreciate the love and the read fellow poets , just had one of those nights
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    Black Poetry : Constellations

    Constellations One night while searching for inspiration, I fled to a roof top and threw my head toward the heavens, You see, it was Polaris that drew me but the gourd that reminded me of my history, On that hill admiring Morpheus, Old Man Gnosis tapped me on my shoulder began whispering...
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    Black Poetry : Mo Betta Passion (Response to Sha'iyn's "Good Lovin")

    well done poet I was really feelin this flow on!
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    Black Poetry : The Key

    thx for the read and the love poets I enjoyed slamming this one
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    Black Poetry : The Key

    The Key (posted on this day feb 1st which is my fav poet Langston Hughes B-Day) I have found what everyone woman wants, A faithful subject, One who not only listens, but is there anytime I may need it, You see what I‘ve found is a soulmate, The only relationship that I take a gamble on...
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    Spoken Word : Youthful Renegades

    Thx Bluewater and Rich for the listen. I enjoy performing spreading positive messages through my poetry. it 's the one thing in life that I am addicted to. Once again thx.