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    Black Short Stories : illicit desires (part two of two)

    really good story,on point!!! I hope theres more to come..
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    Black People : The Last Time

    I'm w/$$Rich$$ , where's pt.2?? I wanna know if she regressed to her old ways because she thinks she doesnt deserve more...still awaitin pt.2 patiently
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    Black People : No Way Out

    great story!!! the sad part is that this mess happens all the there a part 2??
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    Black People : My Control

    great story!! all i gotta say is "you gotta love urself 1st before u can love someone else" awaiting pt.2 btw, great character development
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    Black Short Stories : The Grand Design

    nice story... there should be a 2nd installment
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    Black Short Stories : Her Time...Her Money...Her life

    ****, tyte story.unfortunately alot of people go through this on a daily basis.i got tired just from i know there's more, so dont keep us waiting.
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    Black People : HAPPY BIRTHDAY sister NEVAR

    Happy Belated Birthday!! :)
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    Black Short Stories : Betrayal......

    im really feelin this story right now n its hittin a lil too close to home. i was in a similar situation but i squashed him like a fly on the wall.haha. u got me hook, line, and sinker...please dont leave me hangin..awaitin pt.2
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    Black People : The Last Time

    good intro and im awaiting more.sometimes we want things that we know are no good for us..i hope this wont be the last time u share ur please
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    Black Short Stories : Breathe

    that was a really good story and correctly entitled. parents are a trip, i can say that much. i hope there is a pt. 2 to this story...
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    Black Poetry : Broken complement

    tyte poem. if you yourself arent happy, you'll never be happy with someone else
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    Black Short Stories : Untiltled Short Story #2201209 (All I Had To Do)

    this was tyte. it cant be the end me interested. i'll be awaitin pt. 2
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    Black Poetry : IN YOUR ARMS, I"M FLYING

    aight now, lets get part 3 going.cant wait. once someone is in ur mind, its kinda hard to get them out. this comes to mind "if u love someone, let them go.if they come back to you, it was meant to be"
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    Black Poetry : I'm trying to get at cha'! (for the ladies)

    funny how i came across this in this situation now...cute poem..
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    Black Poetry : Lost Little Girl

    whoa, speechless right now. ur lil sis will get it together. keep your head up and keep pushin on...u mightve struggled, but in the long run no one can take it away from you.