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  • ru2religious,

    This is the link to the GroupThink Project-Group Forum:

    We have ony (10) threads, please familiarize your self with them all, not knowing exactly your interest with the link, as you requested. My attempt here is a shot in the dark at guessing the specifics of your me, the Progress Reports/Feedback thread is significant, its the weekly update that lays tracks of where we are with accomplismments, etc...

    I understand, you gotta do what you gotta do. Outside of the internet, we should all have a life, we should at least. I am just glad to see and hear from you now. I will be keeping in touch with you as well.

    I been around, I haven't gone any where. I ain't heard from you sense you changed your mind. I like your new avatar, you lookin mighty... :terrific:

    Ru2... Check it. Is been something I been meaning to ask you.

    I was watching this video on youtube a while back.

    And I was reading the comments... and somebody wit da name Ru2Religious stepped on in there and said,

    "My sista, sista, I have to say that you got this one wrong. Its actually a Khemetic holy 3 days which represent the solstice of winter. Its the lowest point of the sun all year and the ancient Kemetians decorated their houses with trees in reference to the tree withholding harsh winters. This celebration like usually was taken from our people and made theirs."

    Was that you? If so... do you have any info that I can research on this Khemetic Holy Day? I didn't know about that.... that is... if it is you. :)
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