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    Black Short Stories : That’s My Story & I’m Sticking to It

    That’s My Story & I’m Sticking to It Characters Mr. James-50 something Black Male; Inmate at County Jail facility JoAnn Cofield- Public Defender assigned to represent Mr. James Setting: County Jail Interviewing Room. Wide table with one chair on both sides. Mr. James is seated at the far...
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    Black Short Stories : Different Coarses

    Different Coarses Character: Black Women One, 50 something What you have to understand about me, is that I grew up with Nappy Hair. Fortunately, this was during the time when kinky, curly, NAPPY hair was celebrated! It was a time where my nappy hair was free to be Nappy. I never liked...
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    Black Poetry : Tale of the Invisble Crown

    Once upon this time In a galaxy Just off some city's Martin Luther King Blvd There lived a not so lil girl Who hadn't discovered her Black Girl Magic She was was an Aladdin's lamp Their were three blind mice DayDay or Manny or Killer B Rats anyway They rubbed on her She the genie Answering...
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    Black Poetry : Moved

    Oh how I wish My hips swished In ways Re missed of times Before The Transatlantic Slave Trade Arms Lift In perfect Praise Extended to God Shod in original rhythmic blues Melodic fuel Legs lift high Toes kiss sky Fly and soar Never leaving the floor Hands Heaven High Eye in Awe Sigh in Chest...
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    Black Poetry : High Off Him

    One taste of his tongue I was undone Sprung Numb Like uncut cocaine Pushed my sleeves up To let him in Like Straight shoot Heroin to vein My last nerve Reserved I craved him Deep within Buggin wide eye Like crack fiend Looking Longing For my next cum up Tried others But he my drug of choice...
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    Black Poetry : My Kiss

    I kiss him When I'm with him Because I miss him When I'm not Just the thought of His lips His hips His gentle manly grips upon mine I kiss him Because the rhythm of our heartbeats Are Intertwined with love... He is my kiss
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    Black Poetry : The Willing

    Thank you Perfection! Tryna work on Pieces for Peace.
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    Black Poetry : The Willing

    ( A piece written for the Healing Peace) Who is willing To seek and be the Community Healing Stop the violence from stealing our daughters and sons Who is willing to stop the senseless killing of our young ones Stand until we overcome the darkness and become the Healing Light Prepared NOT to...
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    Black Poetry : Eviction Notice

    HIV has no Authority! It's living within, but ain't paid no rent Devouring my Tcell Nutrients Invites stigma and ignorance It pulls at my heart leaving empty spaces Outsmarted by traces of viral load Boldly chases my lovers Erases the faces of those who discover HIV lives with me But it...
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    Black Poetry : Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    Loving... the action of your words. You have a muse that leaves me wanting more. I say thank you!
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    Black Poetry : Where Mind Matters

    My mind wraps around my mind Keeping rhythm and rhyme out of the rotation Discriminating on scribbles and crayon thoughts I can taste how hungry I am for thought Thirsty for another 100 proof shot Avoiding caught searching for high in low places There are traces of my wing...