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  • Thank you for coming back in a big way, Roxanne! You work is very powerful and beautiful Sister. A home run!

    While I got you here:), I need for you, if you will, to respond to each and every note that I have left here, over at my page, trust me it works to see your friends in your house, especially those ones like you that just up and leave and stay gone...a long, a long, time and stuff...................Clyde

    Pardon me, but I don’t understand how being Libra you can say that you don’t know how to live yet, even though you have acquired many degrees, plus you say that you are working on self. As an Aquarian, I find those sentiments either earlier assessments, hard to believe, or that the work is completed. After saying pardon me, tells you that I understand, if you care not to answer, like I have said before, I ain’t mad at ya:) But inherently, there are only three possibilities, and I would like to know!

    Your Friend for Life,

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
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