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  • Woah! Look at your rep'n the red, green, and black!
    You got the fierce, sexy, warrior page!

    Look'n Great Brother Rich!

    yeah ! i see and love it , i'll be dressing mines up sometime tonight now what should i do , i know ...lol
    :lol: Thank you for the love Brother!:D
    Well ya know, Sister Destee done got us this new house and all, the least I could do was throw some wallpaper up.:love:

    Peace bro Richness
    I just want to say thank you. Before Destee I was not a writer. You have encouraged me so much in this very short time. this forum and our back and fourth has pulled something out of me so just wanted to say thank you................you making me work LOL
    Peace Brother

    I LOVE YOU !!!

    Thank You For Standing With Me ... FOREVER !!!! :bowdown:

    I know that's not easy to do ... but you've done it ... i love you !


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