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    Catching things in flux
    Life is in flux

    I am online now talking with my attorney. Talk about non-cooperation. She Fired!

    Your last post to Break Me Oh Lord, interests me and I had a question which I asked inside the thread, however, the starter of the thread desires we take our discussion elsewhere, when you return, you will pick up on this in the thread.........Peace,

    Your Friend..........Clyde
    Brother rymbad....pardon me, but i dont think you are playing with a full deck of cards, bruh. I have watched your movement, and I must say it has been an irritating view.

    There is a little thing called ettiquette. We are all adults on this forum, and especially here in the poetry lab. We have great admiration and respect for one another as creative artists...I am insulted for the comments you have made towards me, and especially towards foreva-luv here, with your audacity to question her esteem. Rich has gained the respect of the ladies here, my friend. You have not.

    Your comments are disturbing the peace. You have also made rude references on me and my work as well, and as of yesterdays date, I chose to "step over" you. But your mouth is bit of a disaster.

    This flow is to give honor to the men of destee....their are plenty of times in which the woman, the queens are honored, and our men here do an excellent job at caring for us. We are able to reside peacefully with one another, because we have gained one anothers respect. Your respect has not been gained as of yet, and I would suggest you check yourself. We have no problems up here in the poetry lounge, and we aren't going to start any. So I would appreciate if you would keep your mouth off of things you know nothing about.
    In reference to your post to “MY GODS OF POETRY “ thread.
    “dang are these males because it's a few females drop some awesome verses also and it's pathetic not to give them credit also (IS THIS ALL KINGS AND NO QUEENS?) SOME OF THEM GIRLS IN RICH COLLABS WAS JUST AS GOOD I THOUGHT LETS BE HONEST FOR REAL YO)”

    I am responding to you here because unlike you have some couth about myself. So let me be honest…… I do not feel I have to defend my piece to you but since you chose to disrupt the peace in my thread…..

    If you did not like the piece you could have kept your .02 to yourself and kept it moving. I did not write the piece to satisfy or satiate your thoughts or feelings. Being that it is MY poem, I can write about whomever I choose. Also, my piece was in no way a dis or an intent to over look the numerous AWESOME POETIC SISTAS that grace these threads. I am very much aware of the talent of the female poet here and do not need you to remind me. I post positive comments to their poetry on a regular basis. As a matter of fact a couple of those AWESOME POETIC SISTAS left rather nice and positive comments on the piece. I do not believe or feel that the sistas that posted to the piece or any other female poet for that matter would or did take offense to the fact that the poem was a tribute to the brothas that “ I” wanted to uplift and give praise to their flow and how it affects me. I can’t help but wonder if your comments would have been the same if I would have named you in the piece. If anything is pathetic it is you having the audacity to accuse me of not showing love to the sistas. The piece was not written for you and your negative thoughts, therefore what you think is not relevant. I am rather shocked at your pitiful display of haterism.

    I have a couple of suggestions for you:

    1. Read the Poetic Etiquette
    Thread rule#3.http://www.destee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11896.

    2. If you feel so strongly about “them girls in Rich collab” poetic abilites as you so rudely referenced them (a comment that if I was one of them I would find highly disrespectful) by all means please write a piece in tribute of them. You know, you can do that.

    To answer your question…..
    “dang are these males “
    YES, they are. ALL of them…… MALES….MEN….BEAUTIFUL STRONG BLACK POETIC BROTHAS whom I adore.

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