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    Black Poetry : Feeling You, Still

    ****. I haven't read a poem in a long time, and this put me right in the mood to read more! I'm really feeling this, short and sweet.
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    Black Poetry : You dont know what you mean to me.....

    You dont know how i say youre name... trough the joy and the pain... I love this line
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    Black Poetry : it's over...times up!

    I'm feelin you, cause **** i've been there.
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    Black Poetry : ~~~ Just Desert ~~~

    That was truely AMAZING as they always are. I had to read it three times to even try to get on your level. I am in awe of your words.
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    Black Poetry : Between Us

    His lips against mine Erased any that had ever touched before his kiss Something real That I can feel tingling through my fingers All the way to my toes Feeling so poetic With him I'm fufilled Compleated at this moment He intoxicates me Without even a drop of liquor Leaves me...
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    Black Entertainment : R. Kelly Files $75 Million Lawsuit Against Jay-Z

    I love Jay Z, I mean LOVE him, so when I found out he was going on tour I was thrilled. I'm not a fan of R Kelly, but I knew I would have to tolerate him for this concert. So ever time he came on the stage I was yelling "HOVA". But come to find out brotha's crazy! And he's suing Jay Z for it...
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    Black Entertainment : Dave Chappelle

    The Greatest I'm like borderline obessed with Dave Chapelle. I can still remeber the first time I saw "Killin Em Softly" ever since then I've been hooked. I think he funnieest man alive. He's just so honest and real. Claton Bigsby, Mos Def as General Cornrow Wallace, Piss On You...there just...
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    Black Relationships : DATING UNDER 5'9" TALL BROTHERS

    I'm 5'9" myself so tall men are a must. I can't see myself dating anyone shorter (or even as tall as, for that matter) than I am. It's just one of my things.
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    Black Poetry : His Hands

    His hands, strong But his touch, gentle Soft against my cheek My back ...sholders With so much life they could touch my soul His skin smooth ...flawless His breath aginst me Tickling my neck with each word he whispered in my ear With words so sweet Like poetry He spoke to the rythme...
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    Black Poetry : Buh- Bye

    That was so tight cant even pick a favotire part!
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    Black Poetry : I LOVE ME SOME ME

    I know you don't need to hear this from me but that was tight. "Unbreakeably strong, Woman enough to admit when I am wrong", you go girl.
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    Black Poetry : Friday night

    Yeah sounds like a great start to a weekend.
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    Black Poetry : FORGET ME NOT !

    I feel ya, loved it.
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    Black Poetry : I Will Not Dream

    Thank you all so much. Haven't written in a while or been on here like I should, so it good to have some love!