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    Black People Politics : Kamala Harris, black folks aren't going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe!

    Well well well. 4, or so, years ago, I said (in a thread somewhere around here) that Barack Obama will set a precedent (one way or the other), for future "black" presidential candidates. That in time the confetti will all fall to the ground and black folks will see Obama for what he is...


    As I've stated sometime ago, Obama will give us a frame of reference when his reign is up. Black candidates are stepping up, but have no agenda for black folks. If The Obama debacle taught us anything, it is not to vote for those who do not have an agenda for ones constituency. No more 'rising...

    Black People Politics : Statistical Analysis On The Racial Wealth Gap and Economic Inequality

    A report was published a couple of Weeks ago regarding the racial wealth gap and the myths associated with supporting "a point of view that identifies dysfunctional black behaviors as the basic cause of persistent racial inequality, including the black - white wealth disparity, in the United...

    Black Entertainment : ???Why Did Hannibal Buress Put Bill Cosby On Blast???

    Karma still... "“People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! Then we all run out and are outraged, ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?” Cosby said in his 2004 speech to the NAACP, which became known as the...

    Black People Politics : Yvette Carnelle: "Government Ain't Never Did Nothing for Black People" is a lie

    A couple of minutes and you come to that conclusion? ...Alrighty then.

    Black People Politics : Yvette Carnelle: "Government Ain't Never Did Nothing for Black People" is a lie

    Carnell states that black folk (especially those who claim they don't), need gub'ment. Quasi-rugged individualist talk that talk a lot, but do they realize how much they are interdependent on the government? Listen to Carnell; share your thoughts on what she is saying about all that.

    Black People : Jamaican Suspected Organ Trafficker Caught & Story Revealed Feb 2017

    Spread this far and wide. If it's happening there, it may well be happening here (and I believe it is), as we know the many black girls and women that go missing and how it gets little to no press. It is not beyond the pale to suspect that some of the missing girls/women in the u.s. wound up...

    Black Education / Schools : Why Isn't Closing 129 Chicago Public Schools National News?

    Opponent of Public Schools Now Leads Federal Education Policy

    Black Relationships : Pro-black & Interracial relationship... do they mix?

    Here we go. I may have been inaccurate with where X made the following remarks, however the premise is still that same nonetheless: A Declaration of Independence Malcolm X March 12, 1964 (excerpt) "....The Muslim Mosque, Inc., will remain wide open for ideas and financial aid from all...
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    Black People Politics : Conditons that allowed for Trump to become POTUS

    Y'all know the saying: "Don't hate the player, hate the game" What are the conditions that allowed for trump to become potus? Because, so long as the conditions (the game) stays in place, then it doesn't matter who the POTUS is. This is where analysis/attention should be applied. What should...
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    Black People Politics : Punishing Reporters for Truth in a Censored Media

    "False media. We don't need it, do we?" -Chuck D
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    Black People Politics : "Message to the Movement Against Donald Trump: Let the Empire Die"

    by Danny Haiphong "This is a message to the movement against Donald Trump. More specifically, this is a message to those within the movement who decry Trump's bigotry but not imperialist war. To those who are ashamed that a racist billionaire is president of the US, but completely satisfied...
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    Black People Politics : "Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama" : Cornel West

    Non you've name are "political" let alone "political leaders". Keep digging.
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    Black People Politics : "Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama" : Cornel West

    Tru'da! It's called falling for the okie-doke, which many have a hard time coming to grips with (cognitive dissonance), where most whose glasses are to rose-colored in their affinity for obama.