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  • Brotha Qwamii,


    Check it out. I just sent you an e-mail. But because the Illuminati is afraid of me, because I am one bad Mutha(SHUT YO MOUF), my e-mails often end up in peoples spam box. :)

    Please let me know if you got it.

    Peace IN!

    A very interesting assignment you gave us last night in the Rebuilting/Reuniting Community Chat...:) Here is what I found on the word Family:

    Has a middle english [ME. root familie] also a latin [L. root familia, household establishment] and possibly a french [Fr. root famulus, servant] or indo-european [IE.] ?

    Now if you will, post up for me on my profile page as, ready reference,your inferences and the uniqueness you found. For me it was the term famulus/servant.

    Peace In...Clyde
    You have written some great short stories. Thanks for sharing your talent Brother.
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