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    Black Poetry : ...and they call me a love Poet?

    Hearts can't be broken, ...just feelings. When the feelings gets crushed many times,'s time for some interspection !! Love will ind it's way to you. luv you
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    Black Poetry : a black rose, infertile lies her

    I am indeed. that "Black Rose" in Disguise Yet inspite of all this... still I... Rise Awesome piece poet, good to see you again.:toast:
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    Black Poetry : What's your subscription?

    Sometimes we need to take a moment to marinate on things ...before they become old news. great marinating piece poet!!
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    Black Poetry : A Secret

    Round and round and round the world goes, but the Secert sits in the middle ...and... Knows!!
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    Black Poetry : I'd Love to Hate You This Morning

    Beautiful way to 'love someone you wanna hate....but can't,that's just like taking the good with the bad. great drop poet!!
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    Black Poetry : Tweeter Love

    What a tweet way to put this, nice glide to it ^5
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    Black Poetry : Your World, My World

    Greetings DarkManThinking Welcome aboard, make yourself at home, because you are :toast: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, hope to be reading more!!
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    Black Poetry : tu lips

    Hey sis, long time... good to be reading you. wonderful piece sis, I enjoy the read, thanks.
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    Black Poetry : THE LOVE OF GOD

    Ut-oh ...look at MsD ...doing her thing :D Needless to say, I can testify to every word, well said sis, awesome piece. Thanks for sharing this, we need to be reminded often!!
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    Black Poetry : You're already good enough

    Starting a 'Trend ain't all bad as long as it's your own name written across your back/and sneakers with your logo on it...that's what's up :D
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    Khasm13 : fantastic....

    It sounds real fantastic to me, knowing it takes you to scope it and work with it. Great piece poet, as always!!
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    Black Poetry : A worthy investment?

    I can surely relate to this piece, I enjoyed the read. :toast:
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Color of da Skin

    We are the world, we need to realize that before it's too late to wake from it. Great piece poet!!
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    Black People : Ru2religious - for those who don't know me

    Great shot brother, nice to see the man behind the writting, thanks for sharing.
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    Black People : Pray for my mom - Found tumor

    My family and I are with you are our prayers.