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    Science and Technology : The Binary Math of the Ethiopians

    Awesome and cool. Glad to see Ethiopia known for something positive for once
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    Science and Technology : Black Lives Matter is right to say Climate Change is a Race Issue

    This is quite interesting. I do think that there is a big attachment to race issues and sometimes it feels rushed
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    The Front Porch : Cyphers in Atlanta area

    I thought you were talking about a certain green plant for a second
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    The Front Porch : Black Web Sites That Have Died

    Destee laying down the hammer
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    The Front Porch : Care To Introduce Yourself?

    Hi my name is Taniqa and Im glad I am here. Love all the discussion and the opinions. SO yeah, hi!
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    Health and Wellness : Increasing Melanin

    Agreed with Clyde. I took melatonin pills for a bit but did not like the drowsy side effect
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Black Lady Liberty on a coin

    Indeed it was, and noone remembers
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Looking For Beard Clipper For BF

    Hello It's my boyfriends bday in a week and I want to get him a new set of clippers cause he said his was not working well anymore. I was looking around at some reviews but i have no idea about these products at all, so any suggestions? He has a thick beard, long but not more than 3 inches...