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  • Brother Prizmm ... i just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful about helping to keep this community alive. You've not even been home, not even partaking of late, yet you come back to help keep the lights on ... and then you are out again ... that is so so very beautiful. Please know that it has not gone unnoticed by me. Thank You So Very Much!

    While this help is good, we couldn't survive without it, we want you too Brother ... your wisdom, knowledge, Spirit, energy ... EVERYTHING! :D

    Gosh ... am i greedy or what ... :love:

    Thank You !!! :grouphug:


    Greeting the Light in you Brother Prizmm,

    Hope all is well in your world both inner & outer. I've read quite a few of your posts and I wanted to stop by and leave a lil Love in your space to show my appreciation to a wise head.

    May your Light remain illumined to seekers upon the path of Truth & Wisdom.

    Peace, Love, Light embrace you.
    From da Soul...

    awwwwwwwwWarrior/King/Brother Prizmm is right....

    Brother Prizmm...

    Your WORDS put a left a smile on my Heart!! :grouphug:

    Thank You for BE~ing.....Here....Now..

    awwww Brother Prizmm ... i appreciate the love ... i'm feeling kinda blue myself right now, and it brightens my heart to be thought of kindly ... Thank You. You've not missed any of my shout-outs or greetings though, i don't believe. Maybe the Creator and Ancestors sent you my way, to lift my day! :) Thank You.

    Much Much Love and Peace.


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