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    Let it be known

    I can't find where so'ja disrespected in this thread
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    Why is Da Street Soja Banned

    I agree with watz I don't think he got mad for no reason something triggered it. No Doubt.
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    My Position on the $$RICH$$ Situation

    It's clear some people get more chances than others. He should have been suspended for that period. There is really no excuse for real.
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    Real talk I never thought Cleveland would loose to Orlando for real. Yet the laker's and Nuggets will be the better series too watch. Go LA but I think Denver will win that series Denver I think is too much for the Lakers right now.
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    So'Ja Banned

    I feel what you are saying if this will be a site wide thing then i can feel that if someone messes up then they just get banned that's cool with me. Thanks for clearing this up for me! P.S. Drop it to one week :qqb020:
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    So'Ja Banned

    I feel like he should not have been banned and if this is an open forum as we say. No one will get mad at me for my opinion. Also since we have moderators I am not telling anyone how to do there job, but why would we ban him? I understand the rules and I was banned before as well and started...
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    Black Poetry : Ms Sweet Apple Pie

    My inner spirit wants to feel you Because you are the real you Make me feel good in the summer Warm on the frost bit night You could have been any pie But your my apple sunny delight Sweet like the nectar from a peach Baby watch me bow to your feet Because love is never out of my reach You can...
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    Destee Network : $50 Visa Gift Card Poetry Vote

    First contest starts this Monday November 17th. all poems must be posted by Friday November 21st. Winner will be announced that Saturday. How it works 1. Join by creating your profile 2. Post your poems in our forums section 3. Wait for other poets to vote...
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    Destee Network : PoetryVote

    PoetryVote.Com A community for Poets, Spoken Word Artist, Readers and Socialites The easiest way to make money from your poetry. This is a new concept on poetry. We hold contest every week and give out a $50.00 Visa Gift Card every week. Join our site for free, post your poems, meet new...
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    Black Poetry : My Mind is Tumbling

    Like AKON I’m locked up they won’t let me out food’s garbage when I dine So I contemplate on digestive plates I'm doing 7 to 9 is over expressive like a Jay Z hook no Hova Gesture My minds perspective is killing right now no hannibal lectar Yet some deserve this lecture like hoes I...
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    Black Poetry : My Sex Is Like (Woman Get Satisfied)

    My sex is like A gift and a hope I'm your american dream Baby stand up..Give me a hand..I can make you scream Threesomes and chocolates I do everything I'm poetic legend your here now and anything... I mean anything you need done I can lick that Fall back on the bed baby I can lick cat Eyes wide...
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    Black Poetry : Rambling Thoughts

    How do I share my thoughts when eye/I Can't see past the madness because I am lost in the dark No a light nor candle not even a spark I dream like the homeless in the park I'm sorry my throat is kind of tart The hatred is ripping us apart Why listen to the devil when God has a hold of your...
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    Black Poetry : The Worlds Confused Spiral

    thank you for the love poets I appreciate that