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    Law Forum : Martin Luther King's children battling over estate

    What do you expect from 2 dysfunctional human beings, who have been fatherless since their youth. Coretta did the best she could, but now they are feeling the effects and displaying their need for guidance and leadership. Instead of posting how the government killed their father that cause...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Non-blacks becoming Kemeticians?

    Oxymoron, Kemet means Black Land, of the Black people. Let them do what they want. As brother James said, do you!
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    Black Authors : Book Reccomendations For Me?

    Anything written by Toni Morrison, J. California Cooper, J.A Rogers, Walter Mosley, Chenau Achebe, Chancelor Williams, Dr. Ben Johannan, Cheikh Anta Diop, Brother Mfundishi Salim, Dr. Nteri Nelson, Anthony Broder, Ronoko Rashidi, Dr. Claude Anderson, Zora Neal Hurston, Lerone Bennet Jr.. Dr. Ben...
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    Black Ancestors : ANYONE GOT SARRAOUNIA??

    Did you ever get the movie Sarrounia from Med Hondo? I would love to get a copy too.
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Banking Black

    If you think the founders, or the stealers of this country wanted to abolish slavery, with all due respect, you got another thought coming! They had no intentions of abolishing slavery, they were benefitting from it just like their southern conterparts. Yes, they were making some political...
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    Black Travel : What Countries Have You Been To?

    Senegal Gambia Morocco France
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    Black Travel : What Countries Have You Been To?

    Senegal Gambia MOrocco Mauritania France
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    Black Travel : Good travel agency in Africa

    Trip to Senegal, Gambia, Mali My husband of almost 6 years and I will be happy to take you to Senegal, Mali, and Gambia. My husband is from Senegal, I have been there 7 times. Check out my facebook at Paula Coar Gueye. We will make all travel arrangements. Email me, I will give you more...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Do you believe Christ is the saviour of the world??

    MASTERY I,at last,have reached my Goal and solved the mystery of my Soul I am that to which I prayed That to which I looked for aid, I am that which I did seek I am my own mountain peak ....... What I grant unto myself take down from my own shelf, and give to me The ONLY ONE...
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    Black People : Recording of Michael Jackson's Memorial Service Live

    Sister River, i would love to see this seeing how I got rid of my television, but I am getting an error message and I am also being requested to download something. Please let me know if this is correct or not. Thank you so much for sharing.
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    Black Ancestors : ANYONE GOT SARRAOUNIA??

    Sarrounia This movie is out of this world. Mr. Hondo did a phenominal job. Sarraounia, I cannot say enough about this incredilbe Black Woman Warrior. Get this movie as soon as you can. I intend to get the DVD myself. It is a blessing Mr. Hondo Contacted you. Take care. Peace and love.
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Hi, I am a newbie who needs a little advice

    I could say he is a self-hatin fool that hates his mama, but that would be too rash! How's this. He sho don't like himself. Has he looked in the mirror lately? What about this, don't waste your time! Can't change people. He needs to get a straight head woman and you need to move...
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    I wrote about my trip to Senegal, 4years ago. Well let me give you all an update. I married a guy from Senegal there, right after my first trip. We have been married almost 4 years now. I just recently retired. I have been back and forth to Senegal 6 times now. I brought a group of 30...
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    Black People : How many African's do you care about...

    All Afrakans which includes my husband who is from West Afraka. We are an Afrakan people. Peace and love.