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  • Peace and Blessings Sister Iya Oyapidan ... :love:

    Happy New Year !!!

    I have SOOOO MUCH to thank you for !!! You are WONDERFUL !!! Your Spirit is GREAT !!!

    I am so IMPRESSED with the BLESSING bestowed upon us through YOU !!!

    We have been blessed ABUNDANTLY !!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    The way you came in, so bold, beautiful, giving, loving, sharing, embracing, patient, understanding, demonstrating great endurance and wisdom, oh my goodness ... all within a very few posts ... :lol:

    Thank You Sister Iya Oyapidan !!! :love:

    I'm looking forward to reading more of you! I may not get to respond, but know that I am absorbing it all!

    Thank You! :grouphug:

    Much Love and Peace.


    Thanks for leaving this message Oyapidan, truly good to hear from you, and I know you've been busy, wherever you are:)...And thanks for pushing us to do something in that Burger King commercial thread
    Ase and thanks Oyapidan, but click my avatar(like before) next time to leave me the reply so I can get them:), I've been worried about you, and been over here checking:)
    Brother Clyde - as always you are a wealth of informationn :) thank you -- of course I did ... 11/29 - 12/29 ... Oyapidan
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