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    Black People : The Bro’s Get Some Shoes/ Back to School (Kids Video)

    Hello great folks! Are you or your kids looking to update or add shoes to your collection. We hope if you are you’d check out the Bro’s latest video. Have a great Sunday!
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    Black People : We Went Bowling

    Hello Beautiful people. Hope your summer is going great. If you are lookin for a cool family get away or have not done this activity (like myself) for years then why not head to the bowling lanes and get your bowl on! Hope you check out the Bros latest vid. Enjoy your day!
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    Black People : We went to Kalahari Waterpark

    Greeting beautiful people. Hope everyone is doing great. Well, the kiddos wanted to go to Kalahari (and For us parents it was a workout) and they had a great time. If you are looking for a great get away with too much to do then consider it. Cheers
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    Black People : Drawing Sonic the Hedgehog 2021 (Kids Drawing)

    Hello beautiful folks! Our kid had a blast drawing his favorite character and editing his own video! Hope you check it out and sub! Have a greater day!
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    Black People : Kids Do Interview (Kids Content)

    David and Seth are interviewed and share some personal stories! Hope you enjoy and are enjoying your day
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    Black People : Afro-American Kid Drawing Tutorial (Amy the Hedgehog)

    Good Sunday folks, David draws madam "AMY ROSE" from Sonic the hedgehog. He hopes you check out his video and if you are an artist and haven't uploaded on YOUTUBE or other platforms then why not consider it:) Let's share our talents... Have a great day!
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Drawing Sonic characters, "Shadow"

    Hey lovely people. Anyone interested in drawing videos for kids (and yes adults as well) or Sonic fans, please checkout this video "Drawing Shadow". Have a great day. BTW, if you have any thing creative or interesting, start a Youtube Channel...its free :)
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    Black People : The Bros From April! (Kids Content)

    Hey beautiful people, Happy May. We made it!!! The Bros had a great April and did a recap in their latest video. Hope you check it out!
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    Black People : Friday Night Funkin Kids Drawing

    Hello beautiful people, anyone into drawing...or knows say, some youths that have some talent.... Then come on and draw something! Check out David's new YT channel/video tutorial on drawing Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin! Cheers
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    Black People : They Drew Us...well Part One (Kids YT Channel)

    Good Saturday folks....our kids just like to draw.....and its free lol. Anyway they decided to draw us and the first part is now available on Youtube. Check it out if you or your kids have some time. Enjoy the day
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Fewer than 50% of Americans have formal church membership for first time in 80 years: Gallup

    Very interesting post ... I wonder if those who have membership how much they attend or participate in church functions...especially during Corona times
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    Black People : Archery

    Hey beautiful people! Does anyone do archery....? Our son has been practicing it and went to a tournament. We didn't know much about archery before then but he really enjoyed it and learned quite a lot about technique, discipline, safety, and other things applicable to other things :) In case...
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    Black People : Guess Who's Coming 2 America

    Greeting folks...the kiddos have a new visitor and who knows what will happen. Hope you enjoy the video and have a great Spring Break you Spring Breakers!!!
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    Black People : Who Likes Candy?

    Hope everyone is safe, especially in Texas like we are.... Well, if you or your kids are needing a quick laugh or feel good moment, we hope you check out our kids video... Enjoy and blessings to all.