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    Black Women : Men Teaching Women How to be Women - Beauty, Fashion, Etc?!

    what's going on my sister is the systematic destruction of the black male in america,i have no problem with men fashion designers but these[i had better say this in a way that won't get me banned]female impersonators are sick and sad and ru paul is one of the worst perpertrators of this sickness...
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    Black People : Can A White Person Be A Pro-Black Revolutionary?

    can a white person.... john brown and his sons were the last ones,besides in this day and age would you really want one of them on the inside heck it's hard enough to be able to trust our own.
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    Black Entertainment : Impressions: Wes Montgomery (1965)

    wes learned at the knee of the great charlie christian and of course inspired many others of course,i have this classic on vinyl...more good stuff skuderjaymes.
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    Black Entertainment : In a Sentimental Mood: Duke and Coltrane

    yes beautiful,it was used in the film[Love Jones].
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    Black People : Naima (Live) : John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner..

    skuderjaymes,you're on the right track my brother if you're listening to these giants then you're gonna be alright,keep working on your craft and someday someone will post your work somewhere on the internet.
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    Black Women : Ladies are we too outspoken?

    ladies are we too... i've never met a black woman that wasn't outspoken from my dear mother to my wife,hahahaha talk on black women but know this....MOST OF THE TIME WE TUNE YOU OUT ANYHOW!!
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    Black People : Pretty Sexy Sisters Posting Pics - Rule Violation?

    hey wait a minute...waht sexy pictures???do you mean bathing suit beautys or what i wanna see these sexy women....oh by the way destee i've seen you and you don't take a back seat to any woman here.
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    Higher Standard Required : This Community is For, By, and About - Black People

    my beautiful sister you know how they are,after almost four hundred years they STILL can't stand to see more than three of us talking together at a time[they're very afraid that something positive will come out of the meeting of the minds].
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    Black Sports : ROUNDBALL SPORTS CORNER 2009

    hey rich how about labron changing his number[no.6]all good and well except for one tiny little teeny weenie thing,no.6 was worn by the greatest winner in nba history[11 rings in 13 seasons]MR.BILL RUSSELL....labron pick another number.
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    Black People : Meat With Your Grits

    it's an old joke,about a prisoner getting a roach in his food and when he complained the cook said not to complain becuase the others would get mad that he had meat,bad joke i know but i'm guessing the store manager was trying to diffuse his embarassment with humor.
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    Black Sports : ROUNDBALL SPORTS CORNER 2009

    hey rich i bet you like to play general manager just like i do so how about this blockbuster this summer...stotelmeyer and bosh to miami with d wade...ouch!
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    Black People : I don't think I like identifying a race as "black"

    i don't think i like... hey let's try this one on for size how about[drumroll]...EARTHLINGS because the last time i checked we all were living on this big ball of confusion called earth,heck even the whiteman can't deny us that[of you all know that as soon as they close that land deal...
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    Black Sports : ROUNDBALL SPORTS CORNER 2009

    the cavs may have found the missing peice with jamison and i'm glad for him and how about brenden heyward for the mavs[brenden heyward???]how did he get good all of a sudden? anyhow the one hidden gem in all of this may be[andrey blache]the kid is averaging[25pts-10rebs]per game for the gizzards...
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    Black People : I Want to Hear From the Folks Who Remember This One

    i want to hear... wow,go-go i have some in my collection[i don't play it often]but i have some,i remember some years ago having a conversation with my son who was in high school at that time about go-go and it's origins i recall that he had a tape of[northeast groovers]which was pretty good.