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    there are many black people who are going to still go to these places like nothing happen.
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    Black People : Is There Anything UnderGround - Private - With the NSA Monitoring All Lines of Communication?

    that's a great question. I was wondering same thing, with recent turn of events with the guy that just told on the government about this same thing.
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    African American History Culture : Sistah Souljah Remains THE TRUTH

    she's still around on point about what is going on today.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Pope's sudden resignation sends shockwaves through Church

    okay, I heard about this on chris matthews show on msnbc. All I can say is this: something in the milk ain't clean with this.
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    Black Relationships : Sistahs...Do You Think That Grills Are Sexy In A Brotha's Mouth?

    No I do NOT think it is sexy at all. It is a total turn off. The person or persons that has a gold or platium grill would not know that a dental plan does not fully cover the damage done by the gold or platium to there teeth.
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    Black Entertainment : Stuff Smith: Jazz Violin

    I like this I am going to get his cd. This is something that I can listen to in the car and at home.
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    Black Entertainment : Terrence Howard as PBH Randolph?

    Aseer Duke of Tiers does a lecture on this man and his involvement with abe lincoln. It is a very interesting lecture that Aseer does on paschal beverly randolph. I had never even heard of this guy until Aseer talked about him. As for terrence howard I am not a fan of him or his singing or...
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    Black People : Juneteenth

    I am trying this an I hope it works. these are the pic from the ancestral remembrance juneteenth on june 20, 2010 on virginia key beach in florida. this is pic of offering being placed in the water: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\Kodak...
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    Black People : Juneteenth

    can someone tell me how to put pic's in a post please?
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    Black People : Black people and science fiction/fantasy

    I love sci-fi as well. I would also like to see more black writers in this genre as well. I will keep on the look out for black writers do this.
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    Black People : Juneteenth

    we had a celebration here today in south florida today as well. we are also having another one in miami on virginia key beach it will be a sunrise service celebrating juneteeth. it be early in the moring, it is always very special. It will be sunday june 20. 2010 I am going take pic and try...
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    Black Entertainment : Billie Holiday

    do you really think that erykah badu sounds somewhat like Billie Holiday? I hear that alot what do you think?
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    I am willing bet that this guy will not be convited for this. This woman was a daughter maybe a sister or aunt or mother to someone or somebodies. Now she has been taking away from her love ones and she was taken without humanity murder is always inhuman.