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    Can a Woman Raise a Man

    One word..NO
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    Black People : Our 10,000th Member!?

    yall dont be cheating,and registering..50 11 different screennames ..and it be one of yall....:fight: :lol:
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : GrandHustle

    Hey mr welch's :yo:
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    Black People : The Truth About Thanksgiving

    Tell it Keita!!! Im fasting today,and praying and pouring libation the the native americans..I weep with them today.
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : REPPIN 4 DA FULL FIGURED SISTAS

    and i thought all this time poetic was a little shrimp!
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    Leave Soy Milk Alone

    lol that cow's milk does that..ive been drinking soy milk for a minute..and my stomach is happy.
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    Black People : The Truth About Thanksgiving

    “When we met with the Wampanoag people, they told us that in researching the history of Thanksgiving, they had confirmed the oral history passed down through their generations. Most Americans know Activist Russell Means that Massasoit, Chief of the Wampanoag, had welcomed the so-called...
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    Black Relationships : My Sister's Boyfriend Treats Her like A two dollar H0, and she won't let go

    Sometimes you have to let them bump their own head. Once she sees it for hersself..the situation that is...and after that trust me..she will listen to ya..
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    Black Poetry : Destruction of the LovNthySoul

    You need a hug brother....:grouphug:
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    Black People : More unmarried women having children

    My daddy,God rest his soul.....used to scare the crap outta me....told me dont bring any crumb snatchers home...i used to be minding my business..he'd call me in the room and tell me again....just out of the i was scared straight....and I wouldnt have a child until I was married...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : for my loved one

    Short and sweet and heartfelt! Loved it. :kiss1:
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Rebuilding the brain (this is a spiritual article)

    I didn't see the link you provided I've been looking at the site for a while,but its a wonderful thing that you did post the link here. I am going to see Master Naba today. We will be enlightened wont we Info :) Hetepu