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    African American History Culture : Rebellious Slaves......

    Really good reminders of our past.
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    Black People : Does Silence Really Speak Volumes ?

    Silence is Golden and timing is everything.
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    Black Relationships : Valentine's Day

    Dinner and a movie. Social pressure is a motherF^&*er.
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    Black Relationships : Political Action: Mass Viral Campaign on Black Intimacy

    I'm beging to focus on just putting alot of energy into my family and try to help people where i can. I've been detoxing and considering a raw food diet. I have to prove by example. I'm just tired of talking. It takes alot of energy from me. This energy will take the form of books.
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    Black People : COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black America

    I do agree with you. At first that got me mad but then i had to back up and realize that certain things i will just discuss with my brothas and sistahs in person. You can't be a troll in person. I know there are powers and white people with no real power that come on here hatin. If i get fed up...
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    Black Relationships : Allow Me to Ask it Differetly - For those who have cheated ...

    I notice when this topic comes up and a guy humbly admits to some random woman that he has cheated in the past and he truly regrets it, she'll still look at him like he should be shot with a 44 magnum. Maybe this is root of why many of us men lie sometimes about certain things.
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    Black People : Blaming white people? Time for a change of strategy imo

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm getting my **** passport!
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    Black People : Counter Racism

    Whites play that trick all the time. They know they have a certain amount of control over our minds. They said Hip Hop was Trash/noise so that they can take it over. It's the same with Black woman. This is why you see so many White dudes with most African Black models. Telling you your car is...
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    Black People : Blaming white people? Time for a change of strategy imo

    They may appear like the good ole' boys chatting on-line or hanging at the bar not discussing race but as soon as they go to work in the morning they put on their White family, White interest, White world domination cold game face in the name of " just working". Although hidden in a guise of...
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    African Traditional Religion : Vodun: The Seven African Powers

    Thank you for this. I have some reading to do tonight!
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    Black Spirituality Religion : PROF. JAMES SMALLS VODUN AND HAITI

    It gives me so much hope when i see brothers like Professor James Smalls really examine the roots of our disorientation and then the big let down comes when our people hear this and that eerie stone silence fills the room of our culture. ****. But i'll just try to take this information and try...
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    The Front Porch : Hey! I'm New!

    Welcome to the site Fee! Peace-
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    i'll hit u up

    i'll hit u up
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    Black People : Guns, Germs, and Steel

    I own a copy. You can also watch the episode on youtube. Someone gave me the book but i ended up watching the youtube version. It sounded like his explanation was still a justification of Why the European is on Top. It sounded like a new version of " The White mans Burden"...