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    Black Poetry : TINY POEM II

    So mellow is your flow... nice read! N2:shades:
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    Black Poetry : Chocolate Thunder (extreme)

    U still doin' ur thang $$RICH$$! Holdn' it down! ;)
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    Black Poetry : " uh oh "

    To tha point! Long time no read. Good reading ur words again! N2
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    Black People : Race Matters in the Workplace ...

    Hello fam .... I need some help with a work related situation. I will provide some background in order to best receive some advise .... In my position as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and as an African American female - I currently; directly supervise two Caucasion Program Directors and...
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    Black Poetry : Sleepless in Ohio

    Welcome This piece is short & to the point .... N2 :wave:
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    Black Poetry : I grow dandeLIONS in my yard

    OOOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Nuttin' else 2 say!! N2 :)
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    Black Poetry : HAPPY BIRTHDAY (WildFlower)

    WLDFLR -7 :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: Hope you are have a wonderful day sistah friend N2 :)
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    Black Poetry : why can't she just understand?

    seanthepoet....thepoetsean I haven't read you in a while, but tis' sure great to be back read'n these proses of yourn!!!! :) I can relate all to well to this'n heah!!! N2
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    Black Poetry : Let's SHINE!

    Twofish This is great!! Nice read'n you again sustah!! N2 :)
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    Black Poetry : for the ladies of DC

    Gee - Oh This is superb!! Keep it comin'!! N2 :)
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    Black Poetry : Trojan Horse (dedicated to ox_6)

    Hey suga-baby ...... I see you ova heah droppin' that oooo-weee in da house!!!!! You foreva have a flow that folk gonna read & connect with!! Summin' it up in one word: WISDOM This is Extry Madd!! :heart: N2
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    Black Poetry : Alright Family Today Is It ((bishop Birthday))

    :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: Bishop: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: WISHING YOU THE BEST TODAY AND ALWAYS!! HAVE A SUPERFANTASTIC DAY :heart: N2
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    Black Poetry : Can we al just speak to one another

    This prose is very powerful --- but then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from you! This deserves a re-read!! Always Love Always N2
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    Black Poetry : Men At Work

    *applause* Well written poet!! N2