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    Black People : Baltimore PD charged in Freddie Gray's Death Six Baltimore police officers have been charged with several counts, including one who was charged with second-degree...
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    Destee Network : RevolutionaryMind - Poetry, Books, and #Ferguson Films

    My website is the home of my thoughts, poetry, writing, and films. Including my new book of commentary on President Obama. Feel free to bookmark.
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    Black People : Fire this Time my #Ferguson Film

    To all, I have been away for a while, writing, filmmaking and launching empowerment ventures. I am sharing my ‪#‎Ferguson‬ Film "Fire this time" the human side of the Ferguson movement - donations are tax deductible as it is being produced by CMT-TV a 501c3 black owned film production company.
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    Black People : A Great and Mighty Walk - must See DVD

    Dr. John Henrik Clarke Jan. 15, 1915 to Jul. 16, 1998 The following article by excerpted from larger work originally published; Los Angeles Times, 3/03/1991, Part E, Page 1, "Elder Statesmen An Era Is Passing for Five Authors Known for Reclaiming the Role of Blacks in History," by Yemi...
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    Black People : Blacks should "Get Over Slavery"

    can someone explain to me how the lives of black folks have now changed as a result of this "apology"?
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    Black People : Blacks should "Get Over Slavery"

    so the Virginia Legislature apologized? so what, how is that going to impact the lives of millions of mis-educated and brainwashed black folks. This white power structure realizes that black people lust for symbolic gestures, and proclamations thus they give them freely. Yet black people...
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    Soul Rejuvenation - Thursday @ 8 pm ET

    sister Yemoja interesting i know several practioners, I almost named my film Company Yemoja film company
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    Soul Rejuvenation - Thursday @ 8 pm ET

    Sista Yemoja, Are you a practicioner of Ifa Religion?
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    Black People : Blacks should "Get Over Slavery"

    To say blacks should get over slavery is rooted in total ignorance, let’s start there. Despite denials rooted in ignorance by both blacks and whites, slavery has never ended for black America. Where chattel slavery ceased to exist; it’s more deadly progeny - mental, emotional and spiritual...
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    Black People : 737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire

    sounds like an empire that is stretched to its limit and thus vunerable to attack, and less able to respond to threats both internal and external, and less able to respond to natural disasters. All America's enemies need to do is to wait for the next natural disaster, and then strike, America...
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    Black People : Can We Defend Ourselves Against Re-Enslavement?

    re-enslavement? with all due respect the current condition of the black in America looks a lot like slavery to me - the better question should be at what point in our existance in America will we remove the yoke of slavery from our minds? America has made more money off of the mental slavery...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Which Religion Has Freed Us From Oppression ?

    Man’s only oppressor is internal, thus his the only liberator is internal, as a result external gods, and external belief systems cannot liberate man from his own self induced oppression. below is from my poem Black Power - Yeah Right! ..So one must now consider The generational...
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    Black Astrology : SAGITTARIUS THE ARCHER...

    are these post cut and pasted from some other site? they all seem to be cookie cutter interpretations.