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  • Sister Drea
    How are you.
    Stopping by to say :hi:Hello

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    I noticed a heart in the middle of Africa

    Your avatar depicts how during the trade. Our Ancestors were scattered.
    Across all four corners of the Glode.

    Our ancestors were scattered across the entire globe during the trade.

    Before the trade and slave ships sailed. Before the slave ships transported them. Africans were already established in North America with the Native Americans.

    Those that were already here were sent South. So that the slaves brought over. Would not meet or see others that had not traveled like they did in a slave ships.

    Our Ancestors sailed, traveled, explored, and conquered Europe well before the slave trade started.

    The trip over in the bottom of slave ships. Was not the first trip our ancestors made. Our Ancestors had networked and traveled the Atlantic in vessels well before the trade started.

    Those from India and the Chinese were quartered with our people south, before being allowed to come to North America.

    In South America is where they first started the migration of those from India... called Coolies. Those from China were called Chinese Coolies

    ( they needed others that could work in the sun )

    Coolie (variously spelled Cooly, Kuli, Quli, Koelie etc.) is: A historical term for manual labourers from Asia, particularly China and India, in the 19th century and early 20th century.

    In 1868, the Burlingame Treaty repealed the century old prohibition law of the Chinese government and opened a floodgate of Chinese immigration.
    How that name was chosen was by the British.

    In 1865 a British wrote. The Negro in America is content in his new Freedoms. What we need to do is totally relinquish our need for them. By bringing in others in their place.
    ...the quote is from memory

    You ever wonder why the Chinese and Indians from India.. act like we are beneath them? Because we are above and before them!

    The British were in Canada and the United States.
    The immigration of more Europeans was all part of the agreement.

    What they wanted to do was isolate and minimize the need for our Great Grand Parents after slavery ended in 1865.

    From what I recall the United States had been already discovered by Africans and they were settled here long before slavery started. With the Indian Nation that was already here.

    A Convoluted Plan. The whole destruction of History.
    Thank You Sister
    Ms Drea I will be there lilpea plays geat music too.. Music and Singing is all i need
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