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    Black Poetry : Nobody’s home

    :heart: and miss u too sister dear pls email or phone me to catch up cuz we only seem to catch each other here on destee :heart:
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    Black Poetry : A Mile A Minute

    Wow!!! A mile a minute..and we're right behind you. A great piece indeed!
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    Black Poetry : Granny Panties

    Those kinda panties aren't just for grannies... I must confess :D I had to force myself to get rid of each ane every one after it finally hit me that they no longer were comfortable and started to look like gigantic diapers.
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Self-portrait series..

    Just stopped by to take a peek at your new work. I'm loving the fro with the specks of light in it. But isn't the beard (in the second picture) a little too flat?? Just a tiny observation. Other than that..looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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    Black Poetry : THE POET

    Just awesome, poet!! Poetry as a way of living, seeing things or even being and all that comes with that. I'm a late bloomer in that regard. Love this! You should be posting more :) for us here to relfect and enoy!
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    Black Poetry : Getting Off

    What a dope opening line. This piece made me laugh a couple of times too. Although I thought beginning and middle were stronger than the end, I still found it very entertaining.
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    Black Poetry : He's Got Magic Hands (confessions of a love-struck girl)

    I find you have an elegant way with words, flow and rhyme, not just in this work. Your phrases (think that's the correct technical term:)) are like elegant strokes of poetry. Really really very nice.
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    Black Poetry : from whence did love cometh

    What a beautifully sensitive, sophisticated and reflective poem! Great write!
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    Black Poetry : Tears

    Thanks a lot baller! I really appreciate the props. :)
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    Black Poetry : Tears

    Thanks a lot Rich!:) It still needs some work though:)
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    Black Poetry : Tears

    I see the sky in her heavy blue garment in her lap lay a lake full of water waiting to be unleashed the pain to be relieved she shivers and shifts and then she pours out her tears that which to her is truly dear I see the sky clear and naked and I thank her for this gift sacred.
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    Black Poetry : Man can not steer the world!

    I liked what you said here. Steer not the world but yourself! Great message!
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    Black Poetry : Nobody’s home

    Twision thanks so so much! :)
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    Black Poetry : Right Through Me (A Collaboration of Lovers)

    You showed here how understanding, attention and acceptance make a strong lovebond. Great write!
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    Black Poetry : "symmetry." (by twofish and j'hiah)

    'My heart just skipped a beat' This is the reason why I come here. Amazing poetry!