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    Black People : START SNITCHING!!!!

    I always tell my friends at college it's not snitching if you save a life.
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    Black Women : The Many Facets Of The Black Women

    She performs that beautiful song much better here.
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    Black People : My Sister is Marrying a White Man

    I say go and show your sister that your happy for her and just put on your best acting skills when your around him. You don't have to befriend him to love your sister.
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    Brothers do you have good Brotherfriends whom build you up..

    Well i had my father but he passed,so as of today the answer would be no.
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    Black Relationships : (Article)What’s causing the crisis in black relationships?

    Thank you for telling me I'll edit my post now.
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    Black Men and Shaving

    I use some shaving clippers,before i shave i wash my hands with soap and rub the soap on my face this usually helps me aviod the bumps,that i would get if i just shaved. My father had horrible skin from shaving so i hope i don't end up with that kind of skin as well.
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    Black Relationships : (Article)What’s causing the crisis in black relationships?

    BLACK MEN and women could be finding it hard to care for each other because bitter family members and friends attack black love. Thousands of black men and women are remaining on the shelf or mired in conflict, because of negative perceptions and myths about each other, passed on by family and...
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    Black People : "Why are you beating me?"

    A video that was released Feb. 29 contains footage of a South Carolina State Trooper using racial slurs to African-Americans from 2004 and 2007. In the footage a SC trooper states, "You better run, n-----, because I'm fixing to kill you," to a African-American male he was chasing...
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    Black People Politics : Obama's Grandma Rips Campaign Tactics

    KOGELO, Kenya (March 5) - American shock jocks, dirty tricks masterminds and political bloggers: Beware the wrath of an 86-year-old Kenyan villager. Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother is upset by what she sees as dirty campaign tricks, including the distribution of a photo showing her...
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    Black People : white women and black men the most opressed group in America...say what!?

    This must be an April fools joke,I've never heard anything about a white woman being oppressed ever.
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    The Front Porch : How and why did you pick your name

    Just took my initials and year of birth and put them together.