Michael Smith

My name is Michael Smith and my story began on May 15, 1947 in Philadelphia Pa, unfortunately my sister and I never knew our parents, and from the time I can remember, until I was 17, my life style and my sisters, was that of foster children, moving frequently from child care facilities to many foster homes. Fortunately all of the families I became a part of, treated me as if I were family, of which I am sincerely grateful.

One of the most outstanding experiences I remember, was my first day of school, which was, September 1953, at Belmont Elementary School, in Philadelphia Pa. My later years included many different schools throughout the Philadelphia area, due to my frequent re-locations, I did not acquire a High School Diploma, eventually I received a G.E.D. prior to being accepted into the U.S. Marine Corp, which was November 1964, at the age of 17. I trained at Paris Island S.C, with Platoon 2002 of the 2000 series, by the way, our Platoon 2002, won drill competition of the 2000 series in February 1965, graduated at that time as well. I continued my infantry training, at camp Guyger N.C. for one month. My assigned duty station was, Marine Barracks Military Police, Naval Nuclear Submarine Base, New london / Groton Connecticut, from April 1965 to December 1967. I sustained a serious knee injury, while on active duty, which ultimately rendered me a disabled veteran, I was honorably discharged in February 1968.

I married while on active duty, in 1965. My 2 oldest daughters, were born from my first marrige. The late sixties brought about the peace movement, which influenced my in-activity for a few years, floating from job to job (back then jobs were plentiful). By the early seventies, I was traveling around the country, with a singing group and band, and along the way, I learned to play the bass guitar and congo drums. I had some ability to play the keyboards under my belt, which lead me to believe I had a future in the music industry...Not!

I married again in December of 1979, I inherited 2 step-daughters, and togeather we had 6 daughters and 2 sons, producing 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grand-children.

Around September of 1978, I was introduced to knowledge that was addressing issues, concerning the origin of things. At that point in my "becoming aware", initiated my passion to "spread the word". The manner in which I learned to propagate "The Real Story", has become obsolete, that is to say; "walking the streets" of Philadelphia. Now in my later years, the Internet has provided an opportunity to reach millions of people in a day, as apposed to the minimal number of people/souls, I encounter locally in a day. The Internet has motivated my interest, to establish a web-site, that is informative and unique, I'm confident with the knowledge I have been exposed to, will contribute to defeating mind control and moral decay...Michael Smith - Author of: http://www.thetruthbulletin.org ... smith191900@live.com ...
Philadelphia, Pa.