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  • MetaSaience,

    Since our last conversation we have been busy soliciting other creatives: visual artists and media designers for their voluntary participation. Below please find the links and names of those stepping forward:


    Any assistance needed to help coordinate these efforts, please, just call on brother brown_hornet or myself.

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Hi meta, I dont have the chance to come across you much out in the forums, but I see your dedication to destee, and wanted to give you a warm hello! I hope all is well with you, as I see what a powerful force you are here.

    Take Care!
    It's been a wonderful year reading your many insights! All the best to you this season and may you continue to rock the house in the year of the Earth Ox!

    Good mornng to you Meta, I have not had the pleasure of speaking with you in a while. However, I need to consultth you on a mystery concernning numbers. Hope you will be able to help me...No rush at all, just let me know when it will be a convienience for you.

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