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  • Very sorry about the long email good brother but I was feel extremely irritated with some people about the "self"....its annoying to say the least....
    Brother Meta I left you another email sir....let me know if I am doing that too much....dont want to bother you like that good brother
    hey meta,
    quick question...I was wondering if you would like to be my partner for the psychic forum game you recently posted? If not, Its understandable, THanks!
    Hello MetaSaience!
    I just wanted to say a hello and thank you for all the knowledge you bring to these posts. I'm a fellow Georgian, so we're connected in more than one way. :) peace
    Htp Brother MetaSaience, I wanted to stop by and leave a lil love & light in your space, but you wasn't around so I let myself in. Hope you don't mind my stopping by. Thanks for the knowledge you post in the forums...I am learning much. Htp.
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