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  • mazimtaim, (I am sorry, but I have tried to get your attention...2 days)

    Here are some links that I would love for you to look over in your leisure, which conforms to what you have stated above in red(my quote) in the Ebony Experience thread:

    The Forum to the GroupThink Project-Group (GT)

    Foundational thread: (GroupThink Progress Reports/feedback)

    Current efforts at attacking Self-Hate


    Brother mazimtaim, we would love if you could become involved with all that are presently taking proactive approaches/measures at reaching consensus based resolutions which lays the ground work toward pounding out resolves to our plight, as Blacks.

    Homegrown resources such as, published materials, perpetual Destee.comNewsletter/Magazine, and promotional items: T-Shirts, are just a few goals we are committed to.

    Peace In………My Brother and My Friend
    I was just passing by to drop you a note.. but I see Phynx got here first and she said it way better than I could have! So.. Ditto That! :)
    I thoroughly enjoyed both of your posts on "they are getting desperate"... I have had the pleasure to read other posts of yours, and you are very insightful and as you said candid.
    Your line of reasoning of clear and whether we choose to agree on most issues or not, you have earned my respect. Look forward to reading more from you.... cheers :SuN011:
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