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    The Front Porch : The Freedom Bell Rings

    So few words produce encryption that begs this reader to ponder! I see America, referenced in "the freedom bell rings" and "shades of gold", which I understand alludes to the anthem "America the Beautiful." That said, the reader encounters "barren land," and the quandary the poet asks to...
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    Black Poetry : Eddie Murphy

    Let me lose through the fire we resist return to the first love in tow whispered many years ago; got hit by a bus while working for the bus company Where you been hiding ? Get the *** out my way ! Got hit in then ever again to get a free pass; in my nature turn toward Eddie Murphy in Brooklyn...
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    Black Poetry : Make A New You

    traveling to & fro bust up the beat to promote its tempo see ya where birds do fly... touch the hem on its garment in the in tuned harmony box the given onions; flight in fancy fatal attraction from turning back shadows.... ice is forming although turned to stone, tongue tied and twisted just...
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    Black Poetry : Surrender

    Surrender Poetry is the perfect avenue for thought and reflection. It is what keeps the deep minded sane. You keep doing you and don’t ever be ashamed of being you. I love you. in sharp poetic terms about wish to surrender sorrow in the brief wink of the eye surrender
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    Black Poetry : Can You All Dig It ?

    Get down on it now its time to listen to my rhyme A word spread it if you already heard about two lovers As birds drifting way up to the sky I sing a sweet lulabye The pair went out for burger and fries but after to their surprise Police came in for the free coffee and one was undercover Saw my...
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    Black Poetry : Poetry In Motion

    "Really hits home to all unknown parts. Awake to the tenndency to dream to sing a tender song. As the tender lying of the fawn out on the lawm. Words that breath a nostalgic portion in its meaning. You have created a charming presentation to its flow. First off i like the line pattern to this...
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    Black Poetry : You Think Too Much

    link to think a getaway car gone too far through both bells and whistles... interruption...onto corruption bring too slow from things you ought to know you think too much the dog sling in the rough pillars of thick laughter being prepared for the great here after gone is Rocky's own Beorgeous...
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    Black Poetry : Shed Some Skin

    Shed some skin Work for profit at the nearby gym That's the way its always been You need to be thin Look at the late Karen Carpenter anorexia Hollywood can't live up to your perfect ideal Like Ally Mcbeal or Shaq behind the wheel Used to have Richard Simmons Deal a Meal But that doesn't even...
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    Black Poetry : Inside My Mind

    Inside My Mind sought through ivy pinions away from its climb sorrowful searching... on a plate of grass will follow such as a room nor equated place you shall go stand here complete bump past the window find an old lady in shawl history electricity hoodlum at the knees shadow beneath buried...
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    Black Poetry : The Lord Knows Best

    chase back a dream onto all that hurts... Fly away past the Willow tree a Bob Ross blend of lovers as these; You look for better in loving eyes love is for certain in tender wanting eyes Eminem on the rap vine Tupac would have known better live through the rich notion of laughter love stands...
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    Black Poetry : Savor Host

    Savor host Savior moist Search within thoughts of Rin Tin Tin shallow peaks that stink fall away from me the clearance way from me; within its love set free shallow road where Chinese man pee Blood on the marquee water within the base of the tree hoping someday my sweet would so kindly marry me...
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    Black Poetry : Come Closer To Me

    Well at first we touch the magic chord to let go of all patient attribute. The embark to belong side of the touch of poetic success...listen, learn & burn. come closer to me a cousin to be crawled beneath the trees; a bag of potato beneath the wind blows the time for better chemistry light the...
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    Black Poetry : My Utmost Of His legacy

    each of us gives in from a faithful friend, Watch through the beaten tower We give in way to soon... This Newest piece, "The utmost for his highest." covers all known bases to fuel the fan in look deeper in the reunion, sort of like a Flash Gordon experience throughout the torn message now sit...
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    Black Poetry : Day By Day

    Punctuation and structure leads your reader through a piece. It tells them when to pause, when to rush, when to breath. Punctuation and structure are the map for your reader, dispose of the carefully. Now, this is my critique. You, as the poet, must decide what is of value and what to ignore...
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    Black Poetry : Let Love Rule !

    Let Love Rule bridges to be burned another page is now turned form each circle cast your bread upon the water it should come back to you treasure, in deep energy eating Swiss cheese; A pony..little horse & beauty love reaching laughter to pay homage here after bottom of the cake frosting...