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    Black People : Livin' and Dyin' in Mark Sanford Time (Life and Death pt.2)

    It appears now that Governor Mark Sanford will not be impeached from office. His friends in the South Carolina state legislature refuse to fire him. They all sit and allow health services for the elderly, disabled, and poor to be cut. Yes, they turn away from misery, pain, and death right here...
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    Black People : Domestic Terrorost

    Terrorist Is Registered Republican Death Delivered By "Pro-Life" Killer Looks like my prediction as to the killer's ethnicity is correct. Indeed the suspect is a middle-aged white man. Just imagine the uproar if middle-aged men from ethic groups with darker skin tones began to march into...
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    Black People : CDC 2009 Hurricane Links

    [CODE]CDC Resources to Help You Stay Safe and Healthy in the 2009 Hurricane Season</h1> Weekly Hurricane Health and Safety Tips Sign up to receive weekly tips from CDC in by <strong>email</strong> or by <strong>mobile phone text message</strong>. In addition to the weekly tips, CDC...
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    Black People : Moontown Builds Green Communities

    Moontown Builds Green Communities Stacy Noland leads Moontown Foundation a non-profit dedicated to bringing green technology into disadvantaged neighborhoods. He’s originally from Huntsville, Alabama and grew up with visions of astronauts and space exploration. Stacy then managed for...
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    Black People : Sean “Waterboy” Hannity

    Sean “Waterboy” Hannity When will Sean Hannity be waterboarded? On April 22,2009, Hannity volunteered to be waterboarded in order to prove that waterboarding is not torture. He and Rush Limbaugh, state that torture and waterboarding are like “fraternity pranks” and not harmful at all...
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    Black People : Save the Frogs Day Really

    amen When I saw the thing about the frog day, didn't know what to think and then I thought well they have days for everything else so I guess the frogs can have them a day too.
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    Black People : Save the Frogs Day Really

    t first glance, some may think it is silly to have a “Save the Frogs” day. There is, however, good reason for alarm and good reason for us to take heed. "Frog populations have been declining worldwide at unprecedented rates, and nearly one-third of the world’s 6,418 amphibian species are...
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    Black People : Water Pollution Harms All of Us

    Water pollution is expensive to us in many ways. All humans need clean drinking water to survive. When water becomes contaminated, it causes health problems which, in turn, cause other problems. One polluted water source can influence the economies of many sectors of our population. The...