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  • America's in trouble. Whites can't save this nation from the tribulations inflicted on it by white folks! AS USUAL, it is up to us to save ourselves and OUR nation! Our votes put Obama in the Oval Office. Our votes put Biden/Kamala in the White House this month! Black votes got the 1st black senator elected in GA. Black slaves ended US slavery. We're so great we don't even know how great we are.
    Pence told trump he doesn't have the power to overturn the election. I'm stunned he spoke up since he loves trump more than he loves 'mother'.
    trump threaten the GA. Secretary, expecting him to break the law and 'find' him 12,000 votes. Previously trump pooped on his loyal KKK governor Kemp for not invalidating the GA election. Now the preposterous loony wants Mike Pence overturn the election.
    Wait a minute, wait a minute, I got something to tell you, don't walk away baby. It was right on the tip of my tongue
    Rev. Raphael WARNOCK won! He's Georgia's 1st black Senator. Shame that it took over 200 years for that old rotten slave state of GA. to elect a black Senator.

    Thank you Georgia for kicking that "Long Neck Viper" kelly 'heifer' to the curb.

    Ossoff is ahead of Do-Nothing Perdue.
    You know folks must really hate trump any time an old, racist, KKK, slave state like Georgia elects a Democrat for President, elects the 1st black Senator and hasn't voted Democrat for over 20 years.
    They definitely sent a message to that insane demon trump!
    It's a good that trump was caught pressuring, threatening Georgia Secretary Brad Raffensperger to break the law, to invent votes for him! It shows a desperate, deeply disturbed clown, willing to do anything to salvage his deflated ego.

    trump is insane. Georgians who were undecided, will surely vote for Democrats after this monstrous overstepping of the law.

    Get rid of Loeffler and Perdue". VOTE today!
    Georgia on my mind! REDO it right. Vote for Warnock and Ossoff. That trump is heading to GA Jan. 4 to support "Long Neck swindler" and "Do nothing Perdue". Make him feel unwelcome!

    When I think of GA voting in the run off, "Chain Gang" by Sam Cooke jumped into my head. It reminds me of the injustice inflicted on black men in particular before and now. Ahmaud Marquez Arbery!
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