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  • FBI is warning of "armed protests" by trump extremist in all 50 states around inauguration. Racist white will harm random black folks. Don't engage these terrorist. Simply walk away b/c they will use any excuse to kill us. The ole 'in fear of their life' lie police use. Or there were burglaries in the area, when no burglaries occurred, like the racist killers used to murder joggger Ahmaud Marquez Arbery.
    trump turned against Pence. Pence could have also been killed during the trump fueled terrorist attack on the Capitol Bldg, yet he still hasn't invoked the 25th! trump is headed to the Alamo to incite more insurrection.

    Blacks would be massacred for attacking the Capitol Bldg or jogging down the street in GA., What would be the outcome if a black president incited insurgence against America?
    MotherJones reports co's will stop donating to GOP who voted against certifying the election! Sedition advocates Ted Cruz, (racist blight) Josh Hawley, (Medicaid thief) Rick Scott, (kkk) Cindy Hyde Smith still voted against certification after traitors attacked the Capitol Bldg, causing 5 to die! Marriott, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Commerce Bancshares, Boston Scientific pulled their $$.
    Rep. Seth Moulton of Mass. said congressional members were not under attack from foreign terrorist; It was a domestic coup attempt spurred on by trump and his supporters! He said it was not a protest, it was anarchy, domestic terrorism and the insurgents were enemies of America and traitors to our nation.
    I agree~
    It took General Colin Powell, former SOS, this long to say he no longer considers himself apart of the Republican party.
    From VA to FL to Washington state, racist cops, fireman, etc. are "placed on leave" for participating in the violent overthrow of the United States Government center.
    They should be fired, stripped of pensions, charged with sedition and felony murder since 5 folks died as a result.
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