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    Black People : ~~~~~ GIVING LOVE WHERE LOVE IS DUE ~~~~~

    Wow!!! Do I have perfect timing or what? LOL I can not even BEGIN to name all the people who I have been touched by. Just like many of you, some I have only had the pleasure of enjoying their work from a distance...others I have had direct interactions with. There really is no...
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    Black Relationships : Black Women Need to Make a Change

    It's obvious, my sister, that you have a vast and varied preference as to the type of men you are attracted to and date....even besides the white man. So, I assume with the increased population your sample group of men to choose from should be overflowing. That's great for you! It's when you...
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    Hmmmm, if I could be 200 percent assured that there would be no defects or side affects I would clone myself so that I could utilize ALL 24 hrs in the day!!! You know how much damage I could do in 24 hours....ohhhh I would be a bad mamma jamma!!! Back to reality! Why would I wanna...
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    Audio Video Web Conferencing : Happy Birthday Sister Ready2Chat!!!!

    So you say today is your day? Yeah, my sistah, you got caught! Another Destee bright and shining star, I bet you thought I forgot! Your very first day here, just like yesterday I remember that Coming in like you’d been here forever saying “Hey, I’m Ready2Chat” It’s been more than a...
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    Black Relationships : Black Women Need to Make a Change

    I have just skimmed through this thread BUT I can't EVEN imagine....I repeat...CAN NOT IMAGINE....having a man in my life who is NOT black. I'm sorry...I can't even identify with any other man BUT the black far as my personal life is concerned. Yeah I gotta interact with them on a...
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    Black Women : You are Pregnant and He Wants DNA Tests

    Bootzey my friend you never cease to crack me up! What's even funnier is that I know you are dead serious. I almost fell out my chair in this meeting laughing!!! whewwwwwww
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    Black Women : You are Pregnant and He Wants DNA Tests

    Bootzey I agree whole heartedly hence my statement "we gotta make better choices" but the original question of the thread was how would we respond to being asked to supply a DNA test. Right is right and wrong is wrong but the truth of the matter is none of us is perfect. The fact that this...
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    Black Women : You are Pregnant and He Wants DNA Tests

    In my brief time on this earth I have witnessed 3 examples from each perspective of this issue (man, woman, grown child). Man After their very first sexual encounter his girlfriend got pregnant. As far as I know he never questioned whether the child was his. He supported and cared for the...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Does Braiding Damage Our Hair?

    I agree that braiding alone will NOT cause breakage but how long the braids are kept in as well as the maintenance during that time can have some bearing on the change in texture and form. My hair is permed but my daughter's hair is natural and I tell you, natural hair aint NO JOKE!!! I dont...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : The "Friend" you had in me

    I once was surrounded by FRIENDS from all walks of life Sticking to me like butter to a knife Hot on my heels, hanging on every word Until the bottom fell out and the unspeakable ocurred Loyalty scattered and FRIENDS became few Becoming unfamiliar strangers and justly untrue Alllllll the...
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    Shoot Mizjoice I missed that class too! I bet it was good...we gonna have to see who got the...

    Shoot Mizjoice I missed that class too! I bet it was good...we gonna have to see who got the notes!!! hahahaha
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    Black Parenting : He loves the breast...

    Heyyyyyyy Sis Phynx! Wow! I can't believe he is 4 months already...seems like just yesterday we were enjoying his newborn cries in the Boom Boom Room! Well, at least I was enjoying them....LOL I would have to agree with the rest of the family on this...and believe me it works! From...
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    Black Entertainment : Favorite Wedding Songs. . .

    "So Amazing" - Luther "At Last" - Etta James "Loving You" - Minnie Riperton "Simply Beautiful" - Al Green Whewww! Let me stop cause I could go on and on and on and on.....
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    Happy New Year Sis Z!

    Happy New Year Sis Z!
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    Black People : Patrice Needs Our Prayers Family

    Bless your heart Sis Patrice!!! We love you and will be praying for you both! Please keep us posted as to his progress!!!!