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  • I don't know if today is your E/Birthday or not...but i saw everyone wishing u a good one ...so here's mind...now I know why I missed you last year....you didnt post your's on the calendar...hahahahhaha

    :birthday::bday:HAPPY E/BIRTHDAY LOVESDESTINY:bday::birthday:

    Lilpea :1on1:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!! May your BORN day be filled with much Joy & happiness!!
    Love Ya!! Lil Sister!!
    Love & Blessings,
    hey LD, checking up on you to see how you are feeling.....doing better, i hope, and on the way to a speedy recovery!
    Happy Valentines Day Sis!
    Just wanna wish you the best day ever, rest, relaxing, and being treated like a queen.
    Get well and hurry back!
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