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    Black People Politics : Barack Obama

    You shouldn't dismiss the article just because of the source - his argument hold alot of merit. From what I've seen so far It appears to me that Obama is just a typical Democrat. He isn't groundbreaking. He's going along with the party line. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He isn't...
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    Black People Politics : Barack Obama

    If you really want to understand Obama you need to read this article. We have such a need to create heroes we will catapult anyone to the front of the line. Public Enemy said it best - Don't believe the HYPE!
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    Black People Politics : Barack Obama

    That is exactly my point - what I was giving was an example of the typical white response to hearing a articulate man of color. They don't talk about the substance of what the person says, but in the way they speak. They act as if well spoken Black Men are as rare as bigfoot. The typical...
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    Black People Politics : Barack Obama

    I'm not convinced yet. He gave a good speech and people are ready to proclaim him the next President because HE SPEAKS SO WELL! Where have I heard that before? I too was disappointed about some of his commit about the war. He gave the typical Democratic response. White America has been...
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    Black Entertainment : Vivica and 50!

    This is sad because it shows a celebrity black women making the same bad choices that your typical around-the-way girl would make. Going after the wanna-be pimp/thug instead of a brother with his head on straight.
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    Pan-Africanism : Sidi - African Pakistanis in Pakistan

    These are very important articles, because they bring to light the African presence in Asia. I stumbled across these same articles, and posted them in my Yahoo! group. The BBC has done a whole series of short articles on the Sidi community.
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    Black People : Pimp Juice - Premium Energy Drink

    PIMP JUICE?????!!!!!!! No self-respected community would support a product named PIMP JUICE. I always wonder how these rappers have the nerve to show their face in public with all the idiocy they promote. Did they bring back Candid Camera? It's a little late for April Fools! They...
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    Black People : Light Or Dark Meat?

    No rock solid preferences! Beggars can't be choosers!! I take 'em 18 - 80 silly, crippled, or crazy! (I HAD to replace dumb with silly - A brother must have some standards!) I understand your having a physical preference, but I'm not comfortable with that. Too many women out here without...
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    Black People : Do We Need A Leader?

    Many believe that we have achieved all that we can through group action. We are now, as the theory goes, in a period where individual action is the only relevant tool left. It is a legitimate viewpoint, but I think that it isn't applicable to everybody. A precious few will be able to...
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    Black People : Do We Need A Leader?

    YES we do need leaders! The problems is that too many people believe that leadership is a charismatic leader calling all the shots. That isn't going to work. What we need is a national movement with hundreds of leaders at the local level, and a whole lot of solidarity. The leadership can...
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    Black People : Racist Fliers -Kobe Bryant Case

    It's OJ all over again. Does Kobe drive a Bronco?
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    Black Entertainment : Gary Coleman For Governor

    I actual prefer him to 'The Terminator':
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    Black Entertainment : Banzai Has Got To Go!!

    First time seeing it today - Has anyone watched this show? It's like an Asian Amos & Andy. Could you image a show of this type with a Black theme? We would have a fit!! White people laughing at Asian stereotypes... tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk
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    Black People : kkk Posts???

    That is good to hear! There are so few good places for African Americans to gather on the web, and this place is one of the most precious. Peace
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    Black Entertainment : Tap Great Gregory Hines Dead at 57

    This shocked the heck out of me! RIP