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  • Hey Sister!!
    Did you get my previous message? Hope all is well.
    Love & Blessings,
    Hey Sister!! :heart:
    Miss you...
    Wishing you all the positive energy & light in this century!!
    Love & Blessings,
    Hey sista!! :wave: It has been a looooong time..! I'm now (finally) back in the Motherland and suddenly the world 'out there' fades abit ;) I also miss our chats but we'll be sure to catch up soon.. once I tear myself away from the sun.. 10 years in the EU and i got lots of catching up to do! take care (&nice pic!) and til then! :heart: ~ Z
    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the well wishes. I hope and pray that you will have an enjoyable and productive day as well. Keep in touch :)
    Hey Linda,
    I saw you from the Front Porch and decided to come pay a visit, lol. Stop by my place when you can.

    Peace & Blessings
    Freeda Peeples
    Sis. Linda how are you doing I pray that everything is well with you! If you get the chance contact me at your earliest convenience. I AM CONCERNED; and Happy Belated BIRTHDAY!
    Sister Linda,

    Thank you twice, once for the collective gift donation representing Sister Only Chat to the FEFF, and thanks for supporting my comments made concerning Money and blacks. I noticed it as we were nearing the end of our meeting, but could not let the support go unthanked...Peace In my sister friend,
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