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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : John's Nightmare

    <appears> Nevar, Rich, I am grateful for your responses to this poem. It was somewhat difficult to write because it is a break from my normal happy, leave you with a good feeling style of poetry. But I grew tired of my old style and have spent the past year expanding my horizons in order...
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    Black Poetry : She Is

    <floats in> Thanks for reading and responding to my little poem. It's been a while since I was here but it's always good to return and share in the joy of poetry with everyone here. I am truely grateful for your responses, and shall try to live up to your praise. Thanks again. <floats...
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    Khasm13 : the maze of armageddon...

    <appears> Very potent, thought provoking, and well written! Love the rhyme scheme and how it flowed smooth like the wind. Excellent Work! <disappears>
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    Black Poetry : NoBody.....

    <fades in> Very well written! I enjoyed reading and experiencing your poetic verse. <fades out>
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    Black Poetry : Candles of Three and Three Roses

    <appears> Another Excellent piece Rich! And again I loved the flow, which is sharp, exact and purposeful. Great work! <disappears>
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    Black Poetry : CATCH ME !!!

    <floats in> It is always a pleasure to return here and read your poetic expressions brotha. Love the flow and feel of this one it breathes an air of playfulness and romance. Terrific Work! As always, keep the words moving. <floats out>
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    Black Poetry : Almighty God Send Me A Husband, Like Jesus, Holy My God, Holy

    <fades in> I see. I apologize if I have read you wrong, but I was responding to your poem and the context that it was written in. First, it is presented in first person so naturally I assume that the "I" in the poem was a reference to you. From my experience anytime "I" is used in a poem...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : John's Nightmare

    An insistent voice reached her but she had swallowed her tongue and it was stuck down deep in her throat red lipstick smeared across her lips told private tales of a past she buried deep within her soul and carried branded upon her silky bronze skin covered in the latest ann klein bebe...
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    Black Poetry : She Is

    She was the dream hidden behind my eyes when all other dreams blended into nightmares and filled my vision with vacant stares and my lips uttered silent prayers and my heart wished upon stars burning beyond the touch of my fingertips within Alaskan night skies Outside my window She...
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    Black Poetry : PLEASE

    <fades in> Love the flow, and the short direct statements that you employed to give this piece life! Excellent Work! <fades out>
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    Black Poetry : Walking Ancestor

    <appears clapping> This was/is simply Superb!!! Love the way it moved and flowed and presented visions subtle and sublime mingled throughout with the constant presence of nature whispering softly upon the wings of your wording and flowing gently between the lines. It's been a while since I...
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    Black Poetry : Ode to You

    <floats in> Great work poet! I enjoyed the wittiness of your expression and the delectable metaphors that you employed. <floats out>
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    Black Poetry : Assurance

    <appears suddenly> Sometimes even when we know we are not alone it is a comfort and a joy to be reassured. Enjoyed the read! Keep the words moving... <disappears into the night>
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    Black Poetry : One Thought

    <fades in> An incredible pice of poetry you have crafted here. Loved the metre and the rhyme and the way it just flowed constant and sure as waves along the seashore. Extremely well written! <fades out>
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    Black Poetry : Brother Man Teach Me How To Fly

    <floats in> I have been moved beyond words with this spiritual expression so profound I'm dizzy with random thoughts of praise and encouragement...which is why I now find myself rambling or is it typing randomly in an act to catch each thought and feeling that this poem drew from my soul...