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May 9, 2011
Apr 3, 2009
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Well-Known Member, from Maryland

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May 9, 2011
    1. Jahari Kavi
      Jahari Kavi
      peace queen...yeah nothin like some D...but i need to change my's been up there for some time now, lol
    2. Astrologer4U
      Heeeeeyy, right back atchu'... how are you doing today?
    3. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      KMT Sista...Click and read,

      This explains why you had a hard time getting a Census sheet/report:

      We need to pick up the pace on your/our Job Application project, for real!

    4. awo dino
      awo dino
      Alaafia KMT sista
      I'm sorry if I be causing ya rib pain.
      keep droppin the science, sista, many of us love yer unique viewpoint

    5. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      KMT Sista,

      Here is where we are going, the time has come, for real:
    6. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      KMT Sista,

      Thank you for the support and the willingness to make a difference with the pursuit of challenging the current "applications" that attempt to remove the importance of being Black and Original.

      I will leave you some threads from Afrodaze1 that I support and will play a very significant role with this thing that is your passion...Peace In my Sista friend, for real.

    7. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      KMT Sista,

      Read the first note, below, I left you, and know that I'm serious about freeing our people through mental liberation...Peace In my sister friend.Clyde
    8. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      Thank you KMT Sista, very much, still good to hear from ya...take care.

    9. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      I did already KMT Sista,

      Click the link I provided and start on Kelp tablets, you need a strong Vitamin A supplement as well. Also, I figured you were a Vegan:)...Look, add soybeans and chickpeas to your diet, immediately...A valuable source replacing the essential amino acids that only meats give:)....Don't let them cut on you my sister, wait a minute, k.

    10. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      KMT Sista,

      Getting back with you concerning iron deficency. But first a question: Are you a vegetarian? The reason for asking is that meats are the best source of Vitamin A.

      Try some Kelp tablets(seaweed) from the local health food store. Since the deficency derives from lack of Vitamin A, I would recommend Ardyss Plus as a suplement, click the link and navigate Nutrition for information:

      My daughter(Kisha Pickford) and I both are representatives of Ardyss International, also a network marketing opportunity.

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