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    KMeister wrote: "I agree. I'm defiinitely not stupid--and I'm sure neither are you. I'm not avoiding anything but I have asked you for clarification. As I mentioned earlier, if you don't wish to honor what I believe is a reasonable request that is your prerogative. Again, thanks anyway." ??? I...
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    Black People : 55 year old white man

    I found the exchange quite interesting and meaningful. If being a bit condescending and believing one's opinion is right while opinions contrary are wrong was worthy of being expelled, several of us would have been given the gate a while back. As far as being condescending to me, the person for...
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    Black People : 55 year old white man

    I think I got the first two lines but I don't understand the third one. Please clarify. Thanks.
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    Black People : 55 year old white man

    I'm all for ideas, Urex, but I suspect for some on this forum the fact that you're white precludes them from "hearing" anything you "say." And yes, fair or not, it IS a little bit about you. A white person volunteering his (her?) opinion about race relations at a black-oriented website invites...
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    Black People : 55 year old white man

    When it comes to the subject of humanity I believe we have more in common than uncommon. We all want what's best for us and our families. We all want to make a living that will offer a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. We all want to create and cultivate friendships and love relationships. We...
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    Black People : 55 year old white man

    This can be true of some whites who make decisions to hire, promote and fire. Of course, prejudice based not only on race but other factors such as nation of origin, sex, skin color, weight, accents, sexual orientation, etc., can also be manifested by anyone. This is why we must ALL be aware...
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    Black People Politics : Why Obama will be the first president to visit a federal prison

    The American people expressing their Constitutional right to free speech without inference or harassment from the government. As the Russian immigrants say: "It's great, this country. Dah?
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    Black People : Planned Parenthood selling aborted/murdered child parts.

    I saw Megyn Kelly yesterday yelling at some operative for the Democratic Party. Kelly conceded there was nothing illegal going on at Planned Parenthood, but she kept yelling, "Where's your humanity?" From what I've read, when a woman has an abortion she signs over the remains of the fetus to...
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    Law Forum : Police reveal person of interest in hit and run after girl fight

    Oops! Sorry about that. I thought for sure I added the link. I've done so. Again, my apologies.
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    Law Forum : Police reveal person of interest in hit and run after girl fight

    I was horrified to see this video of what appears to be an 18-year-old female deliberately plowing her car into four females. Fortunately for her, no one was hurt but she has to answer for this...
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    Law Forum : Watch FSU QB De'Andre Johnson punch woman in face at bar

    I never stated anything about the law specifying gender when it comes to the issue of self-defense. But Johnson striking that woman in the face wasn't self-defense because one has to have, as was already mentioned, reasonable fear of bodily harm. I don't believe a judege or jury would buy that...
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    Black People Politics : Obama says Iran nuclear deal prevents ‘more war’ in Middle East

    I didn't get that impression from the questioner. The gentleman who asked the question was being a bit snarky but Obama is the president of the United States and can't afford to be seen as petty. Numerous politicians and pundits have criticized the president for not tying this agreement to the...
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    Black People : 55 year old white man

    Very possible. However, if someone ask me for clarification I provide it as a courtesy and a sign of respect even if I believe my position was "simple as originally stated." I don't attempt to second guess the petitioner. Something that appears to be "simple as originally stated" to me might not...