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Feb 8, 2015
Feb 7, 2004
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Keita Kenyatta

going above and beyond, Male


Anytime We as a People are Not Having Our Way, Somebody else is having theirs...and it's usually to our detriment!! Mar 20, 2014

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Feb 8, 2015
    1. chuck
      I have red and black roots: Do you? Holla back regardless...Thanks! FYI...
    2. chuck
      Some things we need and should explain: I. e., your dismissal of the 'new Civil Rights' movement thread, though I do agree with your drift, have to be explained to other posters...They run on emotion, they don't always use their heads for more than hatracks...FYI...
    3. chuck
      Are you p;ossibly an african/native american? I am! Not to digress, but given all of the candor and honesty, it isn't a 'tough love' approach is called for here...More us encouraging the younger posters to act, not just talk about doing their thing(s)...FYI...
    4. chuck
      My good brother, when even a present or former website moderator allows their emotions to overwhelm their normal thinking process, even an attempt at a serious examination of our peoples issues/problems/etc. goes from difficult to impossible...Instead one of my axioms is: 'Change yourself to change the world!' FYI...
    5. chuck
      I seek to reach/not preach...Too many monologues/too few dialogues, is why there's no common consensus, among the present posters...FYI...
    6. chuck
      Good evening, and it is always my intent to be an advisor, be supportive, not post if that would lead to me becoming a distraction...But dare I to suggest, in spite of the aformentioned sista's plight, however she ahd a right to defend herself, others expect when they claim to be a victim, were and are not worthy of our backing...I.e ., why have our standards fallen so low, bruh? SMH...
    7. Keita Kenyatta
      Keita Kenyatta
      It is the nature of the oppressed to imitate the oppressor as a means of getting relief from the oppression.
    8. Feather
      likewise :)...i did step away but was still logged in so i just viewed the table messages.
    9. Amun Nubi Ankh-El
      Amun Nubi Ankh-El
      greetings brotha, I wanted to join your group
    10. Chevron Dove
      Chevron Dove
      I'm not trying to flatter you or butter you up so you will go easy on me in the forums... go on, you can bring it brother... I'm just gonna be ready to stand my ground as best as I can! . . . cause you be bringing it!
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