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    Black Education / Schools : Teaching Our Own Children

    As far as I can tell no one who is not African is not doing anything there that hasn't been sanctioned by African leaders. I'm not sure being concerned could in anyway be helpful.
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    Black Poetry : Forget me Knots - Spoken Word Piece on Paper.

    We drink of this cup in memory of the trek of our fathers through valleys and shadows of deprivation, the rape of our sisters and mothers at shows of humiliation-, by the hand of they who would refuse them freedom's flow-, children ripped from the arms of loved ones they know, daily whip lashes...
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    The Front Porch : Care To Introduce Yourself?

    Thank you sir! I plan to spend the next week or so just looking around. Be well.
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    The Front Porch : Care To Introduce Yourself?

    This post will probably come as a sort of surprise - I think - to Destee. I'm new here and not new here - I wrote some poetry on this site a long time ago under the name Yeshujah and am now registered under name Judas because I cannot locate the necessary credentials to regain use of the account...
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    Black Poetry : HE SAID : my plan great like a landscape strange and unchanged for years I've had it on the carpet o

    Hey, I'd love to hear an audio version of this. Don't know if they allow it here - could not find anything in the rules to the contrary - but I tinker around with a BlogCast and would feature an audio clip there if you'd agree. Check the blog at hr40poddotcom
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    Black Sports : Being black in Russia: World Cup 2018

    Clyde, thank you for sharing this. I found it very interesting.