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May 14, 2008
May 14, 2008
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May 14, 2008
    1. triniti424
      Sister Truetothecause I second your comments...

      Johnson May I have no idea who you are sister/brother whichever

      but Im pretty sure I woulda remembered whomever I spoke with lol

      But last I checked my dear I know myself pretty well and I had a chat with myself

      neither me myself nor I have conversed with you before.

      Hope that clears up the confusion.
    2. truetothecause
      Greetings again..
      I just noticed something as i reviewed your message to me.
      It seems to indicate that we have communed in the past. I must say, I have NO idea who you are nor have I shared anything of my self with you specifically.
      It appears you may have me mixed up with someone else...cause..
      i don't know you.

    3. truetothecause
      Greetings and Welcome to

      I received your correspondence on my page. Thank you for Sharing yourself and your story with me.
      I am curious about a couple of things.
      First, you state you were a "4yr girl" when your father made his transition. Then you stated you have grown to be a "good Man". I'm a bit confused as to your gender.
      Second, I see this is your first day on the site and that you have not yet introduced yourself to the community. I wonder how and why you found MY page and me to begin your contacts here.
      Have you contacted other members, especially this sites Owner and Leader:?:

      I am glad that you are here and I look forward to befriending you, learning more of my Mother Land...Afreeka and maybe even practicing my Twi (which I have been learning in preparation for my Repatriation.

      I look forward to reading your posts and again...WELCOME TO DESTEE.COM

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