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  • And it shows Brother, it really does! This is somethng I have been meaning to do for some time now, oh well... couldn't come at a better time.
    i ain't mad at no body. i have been doing my spiritual work and moving away from the emotionalism of my past.

    Rather than announce this request in the Forums, and I almost did during our last exchange, I am doing it now. But, after seeing what I saw, my first mind never fools me, and I deeply regret, for some reason, I didn't follow it. Had I have followed my first mind, it would be clear to all, my true intentions, and our, hopefully, mutuality. But if it is that we cannot become friends, I understand james. Take care Brother.

    Brother James ... CONGRATULATIONS ... on being the Premium Member Winner July 2008!

    I Love and Appreciate You So Much!


    I am in South Africa.. taking it easy :lol: I'll be back in the EU month end.. then moving to Chicago soon afterwards.. which reminds me, I'll be in Lancaster over x-mas/nye 2008/9.. I'll need a tour guide around Philly for a day or two around that time if your up for it.
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