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    Peculiarrr situation lol

    This is a weird situation...This girl i went out with for like4 months (and was quite obsessed with...actually i still am a LITTLE BIT) well we broke up last june and now her sister is trying to talk to me. She wants me :shades: And both sisters know, my ex even consented to it for sum crazy...
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    ANOTHER personal problem-lol

    i just saw that lol, and I agree.
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    Hey you guys, its october second which means- NIGERIAN INDEPENDANCE DAY. lol just so u guys know. In case u didnt know im half Nigerian, yoruba to be specific. You might have figured that out if only u knew my name - Adeshina
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    Black Poetry : untitled

    wow that was a deep peice. Very vivrant you could feel the emotion. very gracefull. Touching really...good job
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    Black Poetry : So anxious..............

    well written, sensual. had alot of flavor and energy i liked it
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    Black Poetry : Where have u been?

    I wrote this kind of like..a conversation between mother and child...its not auto biographical though, thank god lol. My dads snoring rather loudly on the couch right now actually...well- Enjoy Mommy where's daddy? Baby Dad's out clubbin Mommy where's daddy? Baby, daddy's out fu*k1n...
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    Black Poetry : Battlefield( juss talkin ****)

    The Battlefield Lyrically, I'm massively destructive. This is instinct, Not a product of instruction. You can't find it, if you have never had this. This was born in me, this poetic bliss. This high state of soul and mind; You can search for an eternity and never find. There...
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    Black Poetry : Allergic reaction

    I survey your life For a reason why you're so INSANE- Why do you play these games? It's like you don't know my name (Like Alicia Keyes complained.) So conceited- compliments go straight to you head! It's my fault though, I encourage you- I persist… But for one so beautiful as this...
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    Black Poetry : Walls

    Walls If these walls could speak Would u listen or believe Could u succeed or achieve Any better if they would speak They hear all that happens The sorrowful and the placid All the reactions And all the interactions of passion All the conjunctions of hate The moments of...
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    Beware of White Teachers and Black Children!

    I have had several bad experiences with white teachers, since im fairly young I remember them vividly. I'm not one who is quic kto play the race card but i've often noticed different treatment and sometimes a sort of -fear- of black students. LoL sometimes its the teacher talking extremly nice...
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    Black Poetry : The Last supper(K-last post lol)

    Heart crushed beneath foot to make wine… Love divine-denied… My love, no longer valid, you dined… On the essence of- all that was me… Was… My love. Love I saw as ordained by the almighty above… Love that should have been more than enough… But wasn't sufficient in those eyes of...
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    Black Poetry : I AM

    I AM I am black. What exactly is that? Black is me. I recite and memorize My identity within the mind- In case my actions should ever contradict… So I could find And with this knowledge verify Exactly who I am. Then act accordingly as a man. (Not just a simple man-no...
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    Black Relationships : Serious question

    Yeah- but how much of the sex in this world is REALLy fueled from REAL love?
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    ANOTHER personal problem-lol

    Uh I dont know. Well I liekd her intil I got to know her...the girl wasnt bad or disrespectfull, she was decent, just had too many issues for me. I am young and I guess honestly, I get somewhat bored afterwhile. I dont look at females as conquests...I actually dont even talk to girls...
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    ANOTHER personal problem-lol

    lol okaqy thank you all but the problem has already been solved. I started out like "I feel that me and you arent clicking anymore...I'm stressing you out- vice versa, yada yada yada...." then she jumped in and jumped me b4 i could finish....jeeze, girls....