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    Black Education / Schools : Million Student March Protesters Demand Tuition-Free College and Debt Cancellation

    who do they think will pay for their free college? School isn't free, healthcare isn't free, nothing is free someone has to pay for it and usually it's the middle class who ends up shouldering the burden. It aggravates me when these children call on the almighty government to come to their...
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    Black People Politics : Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility - 128 killed

    Everyone should be concerned with Islamic terrorism. Paris 5 Africans killed in cafe 9/11 victims by country Boko Haram...
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    Black People Politics : Police militerization

    Great find, although it doesn't make me feel any better to find out that the reason they voted the way they did was because they got paid. This is probably my greatest problem with them NOT having term limits. Term limits wouldn't stop the corruption, but at least we'd get a new group in that...
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    Black People Politics : Police militerization

    With all that has and is happening in Ferguson I find it interesting that a measure to stop militarizing the police was voted down back in June. The Congressional black caucus voted overwhelmingly to continue the practice...
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    . The pill is faulty also, or hadn't you heard? I can't believe, in this day and age, that there are still men like you running around expecting the woman to be the only one in charge of birth control. Having said that it doesn't surprise me, with the attitude you have, that you don't think...
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    Black Christians : Promiscuity

    I don't consider myself overly religious so I am just answering this from a mother's point of view. I have always told my children that sex is special and should only be shared with someone they love. I think having sex with just anyone cheapens the experience.
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    it's on both people to prevent unwanted pregnancies and if a married couple doesn't want anymore children why not consider a vasectomy????? It takes 20 minutes in a doctor's office and is much easier than a woman getting her tubes tied.
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    Black People : We Can And Should Be For Real About The Child Immigrate Crisis!

    I don't think the government has any choice other than to deport them. I feel sorry for the families. But the US has enough problems without letting millions of uneducated people poor into this country. We already have high unemployment in our communities and enough violence in the cities...
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    Black People Politics : The Presidents Loan Changes cause Thousands to leave HBCUs

    I don't know why past credit history matters to them. The way plus loans are designed you can not default on them. If someone goes into bankruptcy plus loans can't be included in the debt forgiveness. Personally the government shouldn't be in the school loan business anyway. It's a money maker...
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    Black People Politics : What is the Shutdown Really About?

    That will never happen james. There is always at least 5% unemployment. People who are either physically or mentally handicapped receive benefits, and rightfully so. There are also the people in a bad spot who need help. Add to those the people who don't want to work and use the system.
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    Thanks, I know it's been awhile.

    Thanks, I know it's been awhile.
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    Black People Politics : What is the Shutdown Really About?

    Exactly, which is why every politician, when they run for office, promises to decrease or balance the budget. Of course they never do this, which is why they have had to raise the debt ceiling so many times. Both parties are equally guilty of doing this. They can't seem to live within the...
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    Black People Politics : What is the Shutdown Really About?

    Thank you for asking, instead of accusing. :) I would cut the military budget back. I don't think we need to be the police force for the world. I would close the VA hospitals in cities that already have multiple hospital choices. I work in a hospital, the VA's are poorly ran and there is no...
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    Black People Politics : What is the Shutdown Really About?

    wonderful reply. I sound like someone who pays attention to what Obama is saying. He said "raising the debt ceiling is unpatriotic", he also said it "shows a lack of leadership". I agree with him. I didn't realize that agreeing with Obama made me a teaparty member. Just because over...
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    Black People Politics : What is the Shutdown Really About?

    I'm not listening to anyone in particular, thanks. Again, Obama said, raising the debt ceiling showed a lack of leadership, I agreed with him in 2008 and I still agree with him. Sadly he is on the wrong side of this one, since HE is the one wanting to raise it again. Government shutdowns...